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I was talking to Guy today and he let me know he has to cancel Endeavor. He won't be able to make it on the 16th. He forgot he was attending the KISS concert. (How do you forget something like that!?) I've removed Endeavor from the list of games for the 16th and removed any posts mentioning Endeavor in order to avoid confusion.

 Thank-you Chad :-)

Scotland Yard please and thanks

as a game I am gonna bring Endeavor just in case some are interested.  You can find the information


Sign me up for Castle of Burgundy Please and thanks!

Just a question, I do not see a post for June 18th, 2013.  Will there be a games night on the 18th?


Sign me up for Seasons!

Hi Dana, sorry I usually do that just forgot.  Thanks for putting it up

Could you put the game T'Zolkin for me please and thanks you. You can find the info here:

Hello!  I thought I would bring racing themes game for tonight.  I am bringing Galaxy Trucker for 6:30 start sharp.  You can read on this at: plays 2 - 5 players.

As a second game for 8:30 I have Turf Master, you can read all about it here: plays 2-8 players, but more enjoyable the more players we have.

yes put me down for Urbania please and thank-you

Dont forget folks I have a second game of CopyCat scheduled for tight after the first one.  Plays quickly and lots of fun combining Dominion, Through the Ages and  Agricola etc. 

See you all there

Hi folks, I am posting that I will be bringing COPYCAT to the table. 6:30 and 8:30 if enough interest for a second game.  4 players - 1.5 hours per game. you can find the game here for more details:

Hi folks, I am posting that I will be bringing the game Pillars of the Earth.  Up to six players  see more details on BoardGameGeeks here:

Game time 120 minutes after explanation.  Would like to start at 6:30 or so

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