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Marketplace / Re: For Sale/Trade
« on: October 13, 2021, 08:01:46 PM »
Hi Jon. I could tentatively be interested in up to all of the items you list, but my caveat is that I would only be looking to trade. From your heading, it appears you might be receptive to that idea too. I have about six titles left I am trying to sell. Take a look at my remaining games at the following link in the Sask Games Marketplace and see if there's anything you might be interested in trading for.   

Don't worry too much about any price differential as I'm sure a mutually agreeable deal could be worked out easily enough. Thanks!

I'm a little late to hearing about this sad bit of news, but it is still shocking to me. Yet it's good to hear that Miles has made such a positive impact in the lives of so many of us, as illustrated by these many messages of condolence.

I have fond memories of Miles being part of many games I played at both CC and FRAG Games Day, and in particular the times he introduced me to his then current favorites, Grand Austria Hotel and Ulm. I also appreciated his willingness to be part of the group that played several lighter strategy games that I brought out periodically. I always found him to be motivated with a quiet enthusiasm, both in the play of the games, and in general conversation about the games themselves. It was always a real pleasure if Miles was part of the group I was playing with. He could be a devious player but still a complete gentleman. And Lori, thank you for the detailed account of your gaming activity with him and your overall tribute.

Marketplace / Re: Games For Sale
« on: August 30, 2021, 12:33:15 AM »
Hi Barry,

i will take Age of Renaissance if it is still up for sale.


Thanks Michael! That is actually one of the titles I have duplicates of, so you can definitely have a copy. Too bad I didn't bring it along when we were both at FRAG. I will send you a PM to arrange for completing the deal.   

Marketplace / Games For Sale
« on: August 26, 2021, 06:58:17 PM »
You never know what you might discover when rummaging through storage boxes of games purchased in the distant past, often on impulse, intending to learn and play them "someday" which unfortunately never seems to come. The following games have shrink wrap removed, and unless indicated, have never been played (components are unpunched). Some of the titles have multiple copies available, but any expansions listed are all one copy only, and will only be sold with a copy of the base game.

Age of Renaissance ($30)
Chariot Lords ($20)
Game of Thrones-The Board Game (first edition)  ($40 for base game or $100 for base game and the two expansions)
expansion – A Clash of Kings
expansion – A Storm of Swords
History of the World  ($40)

Internal Affairs  ($15)

Infinity Gauntlet a reimplementation of Love Letter  ($15)

RoboRally (WOTC edition 2nd edition)  ($40 for base game or $120 for base game and the three expansions)
expansion - Armed and Dangerous
expansion -  Grand Prix
expansion – Radioactive

Rolling Ranch ($10)

Serenissima (first edition)   ($20)
Tracks to Titicaca  ($20)
War of the Ring (first edition)  ($50)

If you are interested in any titles you may post here or send me a private e-mail. I'm also open to trading for games, so if you would like to barter, please send me a list of the titles you have for sale. Thanks for your interest.

Help! I've been trapped in a fantasy vortex since last week's CC when I lost Disney Villainous while playing Captain Hook. This week I feel resigned to my fate so I would ask that you add me to that last spot in Dice Upon a Time. Thanks!

Have just decided to make the cold trek to BP this evening, and would like to be a part of the Cursed Court game at 8 pm. Thanks!


Archive of Marketplace Items / Re: For Sale in Regina -- UPDATED!
« on: January 01, 2020, 02:24:39 AM »
Hi Darrin! I will take Ninja Camp if it is still available. (I should also be at the next Chewsday Challenge, if that works.)

The following games are still in shrink wrap (new):
1001 - $12
Baseball Challenge - $20
Dragonwood - $12
Kings & Things - $30  (Z-Man Games second edition)
Seven Seals - $7 (several copies available - although this is the French edition of the classic Stefan Dorra card game that has
                          had many iterations, such as Die Sieben Siegel, Wizard Extreme and Slough Off, English rules are included)
Sherco's Grand Slam Baseball Game - $20

The following games have been played but are in excellent condition:
Delve - $20
King of the Beasts - $5

If you are averse to spending money but have some game titles you would like to trade, I encourage you to send me your list, and we can go from there. Please post here or contact me via e-mail if any items interest you. Thanks!

Hi! Please sign me up for Bruges.

Please add me to Code Triage.

I would like to take that last spot in Tobago. Thanks!

Archive of Marketplace Items / Games for Sale/Trade
« on: September 12, 2018, 03:03:40 PM »
All titles are now gone. Thanks to those who simply inquired, purchased outright, or let me twist their arm to finalize a trade.

Here's another small batch of games for sale or for trade. If possible, I do prefer trading, and if you have an interest in that as well, it's best to send me a small list of games that you would be willing to swap for any titles you would like. That said, a cash deal is always welcome too.

The following lists the games, any relevant particulars, and a BGG link. Send me a PM or post here if interested, and thanks for looking!

Secret Tijuana Deathmatch - $5 (two copies available)
Sold / Traded
Martian Dice - $10
Wind & Wetter (Wind & Weather) - $15 (sealed mint, German import with English rules included) Traded

Starfall - $15  Traded

Mystic War - $10  Sold

Robot X - $10 Reserved

Dice Bazaar - $15 (mint in shrinkwrap)

Archive of Marketplace Items / Re: Pre-Fallcon Flea Market Sale
« on: September 10, 2018, 01:51:19 PM »
Sent a personal message.

If that last spot is still available for Big Book of Madness, add me in. Thanks!

I'd like to take that last spot in Fresco please.

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