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Just practicing. Yup, I can do that.

Count me in with Eldar Craftworlds

Ryan E.

Yes. Thank you Lareina for all the work in organizing everything. This was my first active part in a league and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone else who played games and made it so much fun.

I am looking forward to playing in the tournament on the 21st.

Sorry folks, I kept getting an error message when trying to send this as a message to Lareina.

On July 24th, a very close battle was waged between the Tyranids and the Eldar. Key objectives were heavily targeted, with control going back and forth between each race - neither willing to give an inch of ground. However, the fates were already known and through careful patience the visionary plans of the Farseer were carried out. The Hive Mind has learned from this and new adaptations are already being grown.

July 24: Chad B vs Ryan E (painted) - Ryan E victory (at the store)

I am free for a game either Wednesday or Thursday evening (July 10 or 11), if anyone is interested.

I'm on holidays this month and would be up for a game next week sometime, if anyone wants to try and sort something out.

Count me in.
Ryan Emmons. You can best reach me by cell (306-581-7557) or email (

I have Eldar (Craftworld, none of this Aeldari/Drukhari/Ynnari business).

I'd like to join in with a Craftworlds Eldar army. I can be best reached at, although I will try to check my messages here as well.

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