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I would like to sign up with Ultramarines
I can be contacted by text at 5012635,, or PMED here.

I like the 750/1125/1500 points idea.

Mike here. I would like to sign up with my space wolves. I can be reached on here, at or by phone at 306-501-2635 just shoot me a text.

Any wanting to play sat at 2 at the store this weekend?

Looking for a game this Sunday.

Looking for some games next week if anyone wants to play me text me at 306 5012635 or pm. I'm only available to play at 6pm in during the week and anytime on weekends. Looking forward to so good battles.

Mike Ruane  you can pm me here or text me at (306) 501-2635 and I'll be playing salamanders.

Looking for battles this week. Anyone want to play pm me.

Looking for games this week. Anyone one want to play pm me or give me a text at 306 501 2635

Anyone want to battle me on Thursday Oct 4 at 6? I was going to have a game with maeson but something came up so he had to cancel. Shoot me a text if anyone want to. (306)501-2635

I'm thinking I'll be run my space wolves for sure.

I'm down for the league. Space wolve or salamanders.
Salamanders if I can get  them build in time if not space wolves.

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