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Everything Else / Re: Tour to a Con
« on: October 28, 2016, 01:47:42 PM »
If you're going to a Con (especially some of the bigger ones) most of your time would best be spent there attending events (rather than side trips to historic sites).

Example - I warn everyone planning to attend their first GenCon to allow one full day just to expereince the dealer room - you'll need it.

Now, if packages could be put together with well located hotels, transporpation, registration for events and such you might be on to something.

Miniatures Games / Re: Any 40k players near Moosejaw
« on: September 01, 2016, 01:29:06 PM »
I'm in Moose Jaw but haven't played GW games for some time

Just in case you play other miniature games:

I do play Warmachine/Hordes (and having another player nearby would give me a reason to buy the 3rd edition rules)

I also just started Guild Ball

If there's enough interest I'll run a Numenera RPG session.


Great - then sign me up.

I'm interested in the Warmahordes event but have a couple of questions.

1) Is there a painting requirement? Asking because it limits my army choices

2) Do the other players mind putting up with the old guy who might need a few rules refreshers? Asking becuase I haven't played a game since moving to SK (~14 month hiatus) so I'll be a bit rusty in terms of game play and knowledge of newer models.

If the above questions pose no issues, I'd love to play.

I'm also willing to take requests on which army to bring (I don't collect Khador or Legion, and have a limited selection of Cryx models) but otherwise I can field any other faction.

So if people have wanted to get games in against a particular faction, let me know.

The Alphadork (Kevin)

Collectible Card Games / Re: Any Doomtown Reloaded Players?
« on: August 05, 2015, 04:34:21 PM »
Please don't tar and feather me for the bump.

Expanding my search area for Doomtown Releoaded players - would drive as far as Saskatoon (at least once a month) to get in some games.

Collectible Card Games / Any Doomtown Reloaded Players?
« on: July 28, 2015, 01:22:09 PM »
With no "Living Card Game" sub-forum, posting this here.

Looking for other Doomtown Reloaded players in the Moose Jaw/Regina area.

I am a long time player of the original Doomtown CCG and just recently picked up Reloaded, which on a first read and play through was a lot of fun.

Role Playing Games / Re: Dungeons and Dragons: The Different Editions
« on: June 15, 2015, 11:19:10 AM »
IMHO - 5th Edition is a love letter to 1st/2nd with a little bit of garnsih from 3rd/4th.

I agree with this and the way they not-so subtly kept a lot of elements from 4th.

Also it seems that 5th still includes the reactions, though by the sounds of it to a more limited extent.

Yes, 5th has reactions. What they've done is streamline what a character can do.

On their turn a character gets an action, a move and one bonus action (a number of spells and class abilties are bonus actions - you get one per round) and the have a single reaction per round as well (again, some spells and abilities are reactions - characters get one per round).

I think this helps keep combat moving while still giving players some options on their turn.   

Role Playing Games / Re: Dungeons and Dragons: The Different Editions
« on: June 15, 2015, 10:48:24 AM »
IMHO - 5th Edition is a love letter to 1st/2nd with a little bit of garnsih from 3rd/4th.

Classes have the feel of the earlier editions but with more options than 1st/2nd had baked into the class design.

3rd influences - AC still goes up (as opposed to THACO or the ancient combat matrixes) and there are options for feats/backgrounds. Multi-classing feels the most like it did in 3rd as well.

4th influences - Cantrips give spellcasters "at-wills"; there is a hit dice healing mechanic that's similar to healing surges; a number of the power options for melee classes are still available as spells (or in the case of fighters - maneuvers).

My biggest complaint is that monsters have slid a little too far back to the "bags of hit points with different weapons" days of the earlier editions, but an experienced GM can easily address this.

@NeikeDjour - to answer you question from the other thread, yes I enjoyed 4E (or parts of it anyways) the character options were fun and I thought the paragon paths were a nice evolution from the prestige classes from 3rd (which I never liked). Minion monsters were also a great addition. The downside was that all reactions and interrupts that characters could use sometimes mad combat feel too much like a CCG or MMO. Also that the designers had to make classes to fit their "roles" - (defender, sriker, controller, leader) created a lot of "sameness" between a class that filled a given role (e.g.- all defenders "marked targets"; all leaders has per encounter heals)     
The Alphadork

Archive of Game Discussion / Re: Role-playing vs. Roll-playing
« on: June 12, 2015, 03:05:33 PM »
I'm not sure which original question you mean, but if you post it again I'll give answering  it a try.

To your 3rd point, I think we define role-playing differently. For example, I wouldn't describe a character as a 6th level cleric, with 3 levels of monk and 2 levels of wizard - these are mechanical options offered by the game system, not a character description.   

I'd describe the above character as a wandering warrior priest in service of "insert campaign specific deity". He has studied some arcane magic in an effort to better combat the "insert campaign specific evil cult" that threaten his home. 

This character could be created using any edition of D&D and be role-played - what's different is how the system lets you choose mechanical options that fit your vision of the character. If you prefer the multi-class fest that was 3/3.5 all good. 4E wouldn't hamper this characters role-playing options, it would just be a different set of game mechanics used to define their capabilities.   

Will state for the record that I'm not trying to "edition war" with this discussion. there are things about every edition of D&D that I loved and hated.

Archive of Game Discussion / Role-playing vs. Roll-playing
« on: June 11, 2015, 04:07:47 PM »

Lance - IMHO; 5th is a love letter to 1st/2nd edition with a little garnish from 3rd and 4th added in. I'm curious, what about 4th did you find that hampered/setback role-playing?

The Alphadork (Kevin)
Set back?
 - to go from 3.5 where if you wanted to play ___ with levels of ____ that could do ____ = no problem
 - in 4.0 = no can do

Moved this to a new thread to avoid further topic hijacking

Lance, I understand the point you're making but would argue that this falls under having more or less mechanical options for characters which tends to be more of a character optimization issue instead of a role-playing one.

All you need for good role-playing is a clear vision of your character and a GM/group that is willing to engage in some shared story telling - all any given rule set provides is a frame work for the action.

I think the slow creep away from RPing in some of the D&D groups I've seen started with 3rd editions lengthy skill list. As an example, I've run events at stores where players fell back on "I roll my diplomacy" instead of engaging an NPC in actual conversation, which is (imho) the essence of role-playing.       

Terry - My wife and I are both long time RPers (I started playing D&D the same year as you) that have been looking for a regular group since we moved to Moose Jaw (from Winnipeg) last fall; leaving behind a 20+ year gaming group.

If you'd be willing to alternate between Regina and Moose Jaw as a venue this could work - I primarily GM, so we could even have the option of two campaigns . . .

Lance - IMHO; 5th is a love letter to 1st/2nd edition with a little garnish from 3rd and 4th added in. I'm curious, what about 4th did you find that hampered/setback role-playing?

The Alphadork (Kevin)


Not sure if you saw my earlier post - but I've decided on D&D 5th - 6 players - 4:00 PM start, ~3 hours

Please add my wife (Chia I think is her forum name) to the sign up list


Hiya Jem,

I will provide both dice and characters


AlphaDork: Time to commit to a system. I think the majority want D&D. Could you let us know a time, # of players and duration? Thanks!

If I'd been able to commit to one system I wouldn't have all those bookshelves filled with various RPG's and sundry source material . . .

Joking aside - 5th Edition D&D it is

Lets go with six players, a 4pm start time and allow 3 or so hours

Please sign up my lovely wife (Chia I think is her forum handle)

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