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Archive of Game Discussion / Raxxon - Looking for an Invitation
« on: July 19, 2017, 11:15:47 PM »
Plaid Hat Games has apparently launched a new game under-the-radar with a very unique distribution model. It's a cooperative game called Raxxon, set in the Dead of Winter universe. It's available for purchase through the but... it's invite only. And each "recruitment specialist" (ie. person who gets invited) can only invite three other people.

I was just wondering if any SaskGames members had been invited and might have an invite left they'd be willing to share?  :D

My curiosity about the game is definitely very high so I'd love to get a copy.

Game Discussion / Re: Kickstarter Corner
« on: April 13, 2017, 11:14:58 AM »
I'm interested, Lori, but I'm a little too far away, I'm afraid.  :D

Archive of Game Discussion / Re: 2016 Gaming Challenges
« on: January 01, 2017, 11:49:31 PM »
My gaming goals took a bit of a hit since I moved across the country in August and as such my gaming dropped off a fair amount. It picked up as bit more in the last month or two but not enough to finish most of them.

1) 15x5 Challenge: 9/15
This one probably took the biggest hit from my goal but I still managed to get pretty close. I actually had another 8 or 9 games that were close and considering I went from 2-3 gaming nights a week on average to 0-1 gaming nights a week after the move (slightly better now), I'm pretty happy with those totals.

2) Un-played Games Challenge 12/12 to 8/12 unplayed
This unfortunately was less successful. I only played 4 of my 12 unplayed games from the start of the year. It's a little more disappointing because several of them should have been quite easy to get to the table. Ah well - this is definitely one challenge I'm trying for again in 2017.

3) New to You Challenge - you pledge to play 25 games in 2016 that you don't own.
Amazingly enough, I managed to pull this challenge off! I was close before the move but then figured it was a lost cause. Fortunately a couple of visits to Snakes & Lattes fixed all that!  :D

Overall I'm happy with how I did, even though I missed the mark on a couple.

Some stats for the year (since I can and others have)
176 Games Played of which
88 Unique Games were Played with l
53 Different Individuals at
18 Locations

However there were definitely a number of games I missed logging. So my games played Is actually between 180 and 200.

Some other stats:
-37% were played with 4-players, followed closely by 24% with 2-players and 23% with 3-players. This fits pretty well based on the people I play with on a regular basis: at Chewsday of with friends means usually 4-players, with my wife means 2-players and when visiting my parents means 3-players (my mom, my wife and myself).
-I play the most on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, still playing a lot on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but almost never on Wednesday (probably because of the high frequency on Monday and Tuesday).
-The people I've played the most with are: Meagan (my wife), Lori, Cathy (my mom) and Jim.

Game Discussion / Re: Gaming Humour
« on: October 27, 2016, 07:30:37 PM »
The bottom one would be hilarious if it weren't so painfully close to home.

Game Discussion / Re: Gaming Humour
« on: August 27, 2016, 11:16:05 AM »
Very nice - that's how my wife probably feels. Except she has to live with me!  :D

Great CBC New article...
...the struggle is real.  :lol

Please sign me up for Mombasa.  :)

Sweet - please sign me up for Dead of Winter: The Long Night! I was disappointed I missed it while I was away so happy to see you're bringing it out again. :D

Sorry about the short notice but something's come up and I have to cancel for tonight. Please remove me from Caylus.

I'll give Caylus a try. Please sign me up.

I'm going to bring out the Spiel des Jahres nominee Imhotep. It's an area control/area influence game where players are Egyptian builders building pyramids and other monuments. You load blocks onto your sleds, load up the boats and then try to get your blocks where you'd like them to be. But since anyone can move any boat that can be tricky (so there's also a lot of take-that).

This is a family weight game so anyone can play.

GAME: Imhotep
TEACHER: silent_rob
URL: Imhotep

1. silent_rob
2. Lori
3. PhotoJim

I'll also bring out Animals On Board which is a fun filler. It's an I-pick/you-choose game with set-collection and a silly theme (you're competing with Noah to get animals on your arks though not in pairs because Noah trademarked that).

Super quick, light and it's a Spiel des Jahres recommended game this year, too.

GAME: Animals On Board
TEACHER: silent_rob
URL: Animals On Board

1. silent_rob
2. Lori
3. PhotoJim

Please sign me up for Alchemists - it's been a while since my brain has melted and it's due.  :D

I've been curious about Sherlock, too. Please add me if you have room (I read it plays up to 8 but wasn't sure if that's preferred).

Adult Science Night - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Summer Camp

Don't let the kids have all the fun! Sign up for Summer Camp at the Saskatchewan Science Centre for one night only!

Stargaze in our Digital Planetarium (spaces are limited, sign up at front desk on arrival), help us explode a watermelon just like you've seen on the internet, see how dry ice can carbonate a beverage, and build a balloon rocket to sail right over our bubble pit!

These are all activities straight from our very own Summer Day Camps, which are usually reserved for kids ages 6-11, but just for tonight, only those 19+ get in!

Volunteers from SaskGames will also be on-hand to lead visitors in playing fun board games based on the night's theme! Come out and try a new board game!

On Adult Science Nights, the Science Centre opens the doors just for those 19 and over from 7pm to 10pm. Enjoy more advanced programming and stage shows, a licensed bar and snacks, and the company of your friends. Or, come alone and meet new people!

Adult Nights at the Science Centre are considered special events and have an admission charge of $10 per person. Each night focuses on a different theme and has all-new experiments and activities to enjoy.

Thursday, June 30th, 2016 from 7pm - 10pm

Venue Information: Adult Science Night Info and Summer Camp


Saskatchewan Science Centre

No limit on seating for this event, but this is intended for adults (19 and over).

Food and beverages are available.

Archive of Game Discussion / Re: 2016 Gaming Challenges
« on: May 06, 2016, 02:08:33 PM »
These are all pretty fun and interesting stats. Methinks I need an app and to set some goals. I doubt I can remember everything I've played so far, but basically everything has been my first time playing  :D

I use BG Stats - great little app and it syncs to BGG.

I'm going to bring out the new Days of Wonder game Quadropolis. It's a city-building, tile-laying, set collection game. It's light-to-medium weight and a lot of fun so everyone's welcome to give it a try. 60min but will likely be a little bit longer with learning & we'll play the expert mode rather than the basic mode.

GAME: Quadropolis
TEACHER: silent_ron
DURATION: 60min+
URL: Quadropolis

1. silent_rob
2. Lori
3. PhotoJim

I'm also bringing out the Viking game Blood Rage, again. It's a fantastic Ameritrash-Euro hybrid (guys-fighting-on-a-map mixed with card drafting and a bunch of other fun mechanisms).

I'm going to cap it at 4-players, this time, so it doesn't go too late.

GAME TITLE: Blood Rage
TEACHER: silent_rob
DURATION: 120min+
URL: Blood Rage

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