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Can you sign me up for X-Wing tournament please!


Rob (Seperatists) beat Cody (Republic) 200-15 at comic readers.  (We played 2 games but only one counts correct?). This is if Cody signs up for league which I believe he was planning on doing.

Hey, Id like to sign up for the league please! 

I’d like to sign up for the XWing tournament please.

Rob Sveinbjornson

Can you sign me up for xwing tournament please

Xwing hangar bay 77 plus Tournament.

- Hangar bay style with a twist of drafting final 23-28 points! 
- Bring out 3 different squads, 1 in each faction.  - Maximum 77 points per squad.
- When we arrive we will draw numbers from a hat to allow drafting.  There will be 3 drafts, one for each faction. 
- First draft: person that pulled number 4 will choose faction for first draft.  Then #5 will start draft in that faction counting up. (5-6-7-8-1 .. etc)
- Second draft: person #5 will choose second draft faction.  #4 will start draft followed in descending order. (4-3-2-1-8 ... etc)
- Third draft: person #1 will start drafting final faction, followed by ascending order.
- We will use the system open series mini squads built by ffg / online. (View the mini squads here )
- In the case of more than 8 people I will randomly draw extra mini squads from the 8 shown on the list above.
- First game you can see your opponents lists and then choose any of your three lists.
- Second game is a choice between the two you haven't played.
- Third game is your final factions list
- Final game: your opponent chooses one list you can't fly, you then choose between remaining two.

- I will try have all the mini squads available and set up for the tournament.  If anyone is wanting to participate but doesn't have a factions ships they want to use, let me know and I'll see if I have extra. 
- Printed / proxied upgrades and pilots are also allowed in tournament to allow everyone full access to all 3 factions.

June 24, 2017
10:00 am start time
4 rounds of xwing!  Lunch break if we decide we want one.

Comic Readers Downtown

$5 entry fee

Robert Sveinbjornson

Sign me up for X-Wing tournament as well please!

Hey Tempest, as of now there is an odd number of players in the xwing tourney, so if your running late / can't make it that early, I could make it so you had first round bye.

I've got a working laptop to bring for the tournament software, so you don't have to Sheldyn.  Thanks though guys!

DCStyles: Perfect, that'll be enough mats for everyone then!

Rogue: Awesome thanks!  The laptop will be great .. I'm in the process of trying to fix my brothers laptop so I have something to use for tourneys

Yeah, we will fill out the lists at the beginning of tournament again.  So no need to have it submitted ahead of time.  if you have any questions feel free to pm me or post here.  Also, I'm bringing my 3 mats, but depending on numbers we may need at most 2 more.

This sounds great.  I'm hoping to be able to make it out to it .. Ill know for sure after this weekend as to how harvest is going.

There was a pretty solid mixture of squads it seemed.  I ran a fairly basic Soontir Fel with Valen Rudor and just the adv. prototype title for the first round .. Coming in at 53 points.  I played short for the first round to save room for Vessery in a defender for the second.  I brought the Tie/D title and tractor beam with Vessery. For the third round I brought in the inquisitor with title and then added stealth device and auto thrusters to Soontir Fel to make him a bit more of an ace.  Final round I just added upgrades to the last 3 ships.  I added assault missles and guidance chips to both adv. prototypes and the defender for some ae damage assuming I'd come up against some sort of swarm.  And then last upgrade in that round I brought ruthlessness for more ae damage shenanigans from vessery.

After flying escalation id bring a little different stuff.  I wouldn't have focused so much on ae damage and brought another ship or two instead.  And I would have tried to stay as close to max points as possible for each tier .. I definitely felt like holding out points for a next round more expensive ship ended up making my first squad seem underpowered.

I'd like to give a bit thanks to comic readers for hosting this tournament and bringing in the kit!  It was a pretty good turn out, 7 of us able to make it.  I think everyone had a good time, and pretty competitive.  Everyone ended up 2-2!

I'm hoping to make more of these again after Summer's over ... End of September ish.  A lot of us post in the xwing Regina Facebook group prior to going to see if anyone else is able to make it out before heading down.

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