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Please put Amy Hampton down for the registration table at the 3pm time slot.

Sign me up for the noon slot at the registration desk.  :thumb-up

Please sign me up for Tammany Hall.

Sign me up for the 9:00am time slot for the table

I hope everyone is excited for tomorrow, I know I am.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has volunteered to help out at this PGX. As some of you may or may not know one of the priorities of PGX is building engagement with people new to the event and new to the hobby; one of the reasons Learn-To-Play was such a success last PGX.

To align ourselves further with that goal as the registration table is the first point of contact with the public we would like the volunteers at the table to assist in this engagement. I have attached a tool of what we would like to see as the form of engagement; of course it is what you are comfortable with. There will also be a note book to record pertinent information.

For Learn-To-Play we will have information sheets that we will provide at PGX. And be prepared for some busy LTP sessions, I personally will be funneling everyone I know I haven't seen before your way.

Thanks again for taking your time away from gaming in order to help use provide a stellar event, without volunteers PGX would not happen.

Jason Szarkowicz
PGX Development Coordinator

In game designer's corner, please add:

Title: Cardboard Gridiron
Teacher: CaptainQuicks
Start Time: 5pm to 8pm
Duration: 45min

Cardboard Gridiron is a 1v1 American Football simulation. Come by and see if you have what it takes to be king of the goal line!

Just a friendly reminder:

A representative from PGX will be at Chewsday Challenge with their laptop to provide an opportunity for people to sign up for the upcoming PGX. Sign up for a game, to host a game and to answer PGX questions.

See you there.

I know it is a bit late but I will be bringing Robinson Crusoe on the 17th and need a few more players. Also, myself and Amy will be 2 of the players

GAME TITLE: Robinson Crusoe
START TIME: 8:00pm
DURATION: 120min

Please throw a +1 on for Shogun. I have a new member I will be bringing.

Sign me up for some SHOGUN. Please and thank-you.

Sign me up for Terra M. please and thank you.

Sign me up for some League action.

Please sign me up for X-Wing.

Sign me up for X-men.....please and thank you.

Sign me up for some 3:16. Please and thank you.

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