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Archive of Leagues / Re: ComicReaders Downtown - Kill Team League 2019
« on: January 29, 2019, 11:38:05 AM »
Necrons, baby!

750/1125/1500 would be my vote

Talks near the end of the last league was sub 2k ... like 1500 or 1750 was the top out for timing reasons.  So whatever we'd start with that's kinda  the top end.
My vote is 750/1250/1750


I'll be down at highland I'll do a game or 2 .... after 1 though :-\

Game today anyone? Comic readers or other?

Anyone down for a game with a complete newbie?

Im in with Beastclaw raiders!

Congratz to you guys! Great league. Thanks again Lareina for running and organizing!

Chad was able to order some in yay!
Thank q Chad now hopefully they arrive in time!

GW N.A. just got a resupply of some of the models they were short so of anyone had some on order they were waiting for they might be in

Hey guys/gals.... I have an odd request. Any Necron players out there that own Destoyers, is there a chance i could borrow some come tournament day? I have been having no luck so far tracking any of the physical models down on second hand or thru primary market for almost a month now. And they are just to damn good of a unit to pass up come list making for a possible option. That being said I will be trying to get some up until tournament day.


This mission uses three objectives. One is placed in the centre of the battlefield. The other two are placed by the players, each one must be placed exactly 18″ from the centre of the battlefield and at least 12″ from each players’ deployment zone or another objective. You score one point for each objective you control at the end of your turn. If only one player has a character within 3″ of the objective, they will control it. Also, if the character controls the objective for more than one your turns consecutively, you score a number of points equal to the number of turns you control it (e.g. if you hold it for two of your turns, you score three points; one for the first turn you hold it, two points for the second turn, etc).

Targets of Opportunity

In this mission, each player draws three tactical objective cards at the start of their turn. At the start of each subsequent turn, they must discard any tactical objective cards they have and draw three new ones.

This mission has a special stratagem called Second Chance. This costs 2 command points and allows you to select one tactical objective at the start of your turn and not have to discard it.

Kill Confirmed

In this mission, each player has three maelstrom cards in their turn. If a maelstrom card involves destroying an enemy unit, it cannot be discarded until it is achieved (any impossible cards can be discarded and re-drawn). In addition, you score one victory point for each enemy unit that is destroyed.

Yeah what Kyle said :) im good to play either at the Store or ... have army will travel ( also i have a table )

And is there anything going on for PGX with 40k?

I also am looking for a game or 2 this week. Wednesday, Thursday at the store?  Or any other evening can work too

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