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Role Playing Games / Looking for pathfinder playtesters.
« on: December 19, 2019, 01:24:57 PM »
I am working on a large AP for pathfinder and would like some people to playtest as it’s being developed. I’ll be running the sessions and need roughly 4-6 players

Please message me if interested. Thanks.

Archive of Marketplace Items / Wh40k Eldar for sale
« on: February 14, 2019, 08:31:07 PM »
I am selling my elder army. I’ll post photos soon. The army consists of:

Farseer on foot
Farseer on bike
Autaurch with wings
Eldar triumvirate
Wraith Knight (sword/shield)
20 wraithgaurd (10 with cannons 10 with axe/shield)
6 jet bikes
Fire prisim tank

All but the tank are painted. (The tank is built but not primed or painted)

Please message me with serious offers only please.

Role Playing Games / Pathfinder game looking for members
« on: May 26, 2017, 10:26:46 PM »
I am part of a pathfinder group and we are looking for new members. We generally meet once every 2 weeks, usually Sunday afternoons.

Please send me a message if you are interested, and we can discuss further


I will be running an apocalypse game at the next frag games day.

No points limit, but you must have 1000pts of non LOW/super heavy/HQ per lord of war or super heavy you have in the army.

Teams will be balanced for super heavy and lord of wars.

Forge world is ok but must have the current rules on hand.

Cheers, mike 

Role Playing Games / Pathfinder group needs members
« on: April 06, 2016, 06:06:58 PM »
I am currently in a pathfinder game and we have a few open spots for new players. Please contact me if your interested. Any skill level is fine, but the group is more casual.

I am putting my game collections and miniatures up for sale. I'll entertain any serious offer. The following is available:

Warhammer 40k

- Realm of battle board
- space marine army (imperial fists)
- necron army
- tau army
- small grey knight army
- eldar army
- forge world revenant Titan (converted to dark
- forge world phantom Titan ( dual pulsar, converted to dark eldar)
- imperial gaurd tank collection

Warhammer fantasy / age of sigmar
- ogre army
- small lizardmen army
- tzeentch chaos daemon army

Xwing miniatures
- rebel millennium falcon
- the X wings from starter both sets (with piolet and rebel only cards)
- ( sorry the imperial collection has been sold )

All cards included for the above sets are available, but original box is not.

Please submit offers or inquiries via pm, or email ( )
I will consider any serious offers and am willing to negotiate.

i have decided to offsale my warhammr collection. i have complete armies, wich i can provide more information on as requested. however, i will briefly summarize the collection.

- wh40k dark eldar army. (current model set) including army book. the army consists of multiple venoms, raiders ravagers, fliers, and foot units. army requires some repairs, but extra sprues with repair bits included at no extra cost. some of the army is painted, some of it not. roughly 4000-5000pts
- wh40k tau army. this is a starter army, but does include 2 riptides, multiple crisis suits, some firewarriors and a few vehicles. most is painted. may require some minor repairs.
- 40k necron army (new) includes army book. the army inludes multiple warriors and immortals, hq units ainc zandrekh and obyron, a ctan, as well as vehicles, inc barges monoliths, fliers and arks. also has multiple sprues of extra pieces required for repairs or conversion/swaps. most of the army is painted and assembled. roughly 3500 pts of models.
-wh40k space marines/grey knights. includes terminators, drop pods, fliers, and basic tatical marins, a few land raiders and some razorbacks. about 3000 pts approx. most painted in yellow or imperial fists colors.
- whfb ogres. includes a few characters, (converted) multiple bulls, lead belchers, mournfangs, ironblasters and gnoblars. roughly 3000 pts or more. most painted. some minor repairs may be required.
- whfb lizards. approx 1500pts, uncluding a few skink characters, an oldblood/scarvet on cold one, a bunch of warriors a bastilidon and stegadon.

i also own a few forge world items, including:
2 eldar void dragon phoenix, a revenant titan (converted to Dark eldar standards and painted) and an eldar phantom titan, also converted to dark eldar standards. i would be willing to part with these as well for the right price.

please pm me with any requests and or offers, i can take photos as well if needed. serous offers only please, and i am looking for cash purchase, no trades as i am phasing out of the hobby.

Archive of Game Discussion / apocalypse - nov 24
« on: November 08, 2012, 08:03:55 PM »
trying to setup an apocalyse game for nov 24th. since frag runs a monthly event and table space is plentiful, thats a good time and location.


- the game will start at noon and run untill you  have to leave or the game is decided.
- bring whatever you have. titans, fliers, multiple armies, whatever. i only ask that anything brought has official rules, either from GW or FW. you must have the book, or a printed datasheet. (to prevent silly VDR units that can break the game) - counts as models are fine, as long as they are made clear whats what.
- we will be using the new FW apocalypse rule updates. those can be located here:

- bring terrain if you have it. ill be taking my personal collection, but its far from being large enough. any and all terrain brought is a good thing.
- no limit on points. however sides WILL be balanced in both points, super heavies, fliers and titan class to be as even as possible on each side. i will also try to balance order vrs disorder if possible, but thats a final consideration. it may end up where people could be asked to "trim" some stuff from there list to make a fair game. but thats also a last resort.
- check out the frag website here: for info on the gamesday, its location and such. entrance to the gamesday is free if your a member, otherwise its 5$. food and snacks are also available at decent prices. hoping to see people there.

- please reply here or PM me if your able to attend. i would like to make this an ongoing monthly event, and perhaps even start an apocalypse "league" up for those that like the game.

Archive of Leagues / specilist games?
« on: September 23, 2012, 06:43:41 PM »
im wondering if anyone in the greater regina area is interested in playing in a specilist game league, such as things like mordhiem, bloodbowl (both use fantasy style minis) or battlefleet gothic. games take on average an hour or less to play, with mordhiem games usually lasting no more then 30-45 minutes for a long one.

such a league or group would be extremly casual, with just an ongoing series of games between players whenever and whatnot. personally i have a few mordhiem warbands, a pair of gothic fleets and the bloodbowl starter set. let me know if anyones interested.

Archive of Leagues / warhammer fantasy escalation league reboot
« on: September 17, 2012, 02:00:58 PM »
since no one else has taken it upon themselves to start it up - i will. (although i will gladley defer to someone else if asked)

plan to start oct 1. 2012.

this will be a friendly league - following the same format as the previous. start at 500 pts, and increase by 500 every month, untill we hit 2000. then wrap it all up with a tournament of 2500 pts.

rules are simple. - use the rule book. everything is unlocked from the start and normal rulebook comp requirments are in place. so:

up to 25% lords
up to 25% heros
minimum 25% core
up to 50% special
up to 25% rare.

must have a general, and at least 3 non character units.

to those who would argue that war machines unbalance things this early... well maybe. but really... taking a war machine means your skimping on core, or heros or magic or something else. such a machine while powerful is likley to be ungaurded at this level. and there is always the chance of a misfire...

ill update the roster as we go, but i think we should aim for everyone to play everyone once per month. use 2 pts for win, 1 for tie and 0 for loss.
each game played with a fully painted and based army nets +1 pt (3 colors, and fully painted and / textured base - hint: use the GW textured paint as a quick easy base soultion)

since there is no prize support in place, this will be for FUN only. i will try to secure some form of prize support, but i cant promise anything. would the people playing be interested in dropping some cash etc into a pool to be used as such, if prizes are wanted?

roster so far: (lets try for 10-12!)
Mike Leppke
Robert P
Dean Dodge

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