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Archive of Marketplace Items / Wanted: Lord of the Rings LCG Card Game
« on: January 28, 2016, 12:46:31 PM »
If anyone has the core set and any expansions they would like to unload let me know.

I see there was one posted for sale about a week ago. Curse my bad timing!

Archive of Game Discussion / Lincoln's War Kickstarter
« on: April 21, 2013, 11:58:06 AM »
This is a game i've been interested in for awhile but i'm hesitant to kickstart because of the $85 price tag. I figured i'd see if anyone else would be interested in joining to bring the price down. With another pledger it would be 76 and with 2 more it would be 73. Not a big difference I know, but probably the difference between pledging or saying the hell with it for me.

Here's the link

I'm only interested in the game so if anyone else happens to be interested there's a free t-shirt in it for you - that's gotta sweeten the pot.

Archive of Leagues / Twilight Struggle League - Season 1- 2013
« on: December 06, 2012, 01:23:29 PM »
We are starting up a Twilight Struggle League that will kick off in January. We will be playing at Boston Pizza once a month as part of the Chewsday Challenge game nights. Anyone is welcome even if you haven't played before. There was a lot of interest when we were discussing this before so hopefully we can get you all back now that we are finally going forward with this. You can sign up below and join in the discussion. It might also be useful to know who has a copy of the game (and willing to use it). Everyone is welcome - the strategy might be complex but the rules are quite simple.

We will play on the 2nd Tuesday of the month so the next League session will be Tues, Sept 10, 2013

So here's what I'm thinking:

1. Scoring: 5 pts for a win and 1 pt for a loss or 2 pts for a late war loss. Ties will be 2 pts - hopefully this will not happen often but considering the length of the game it is a good idea to have a way of dealing with incomplete games. A win and 4 pts can be awarded if the game is incomplete but has a dominant leader (leading by 7 pts - this is similar to the Wargames card). It is not uncommon for games to have huge swings of 12 or 14 pts during a single turn so games are never really out of reach and should be played to the end. It will also be fun to track the various kinds of victories and W/L of each nation so I will be doing that as well.

2. Scheduling: In the previous discussion of the TS league it was suggested that each player should play every other player for a full league. While i think this would be terrific i honestly can't imagine it happening and we can't really wait for others to play their game, so we will stick with Tuesday game nights. Hopefully, we can set the matchups ahead of time and i like the idea of matching the less experienced players together. Those who haven't played before are very likely to get crushed the 1st couple of games against a more experienced player. The learning curve isn't that steep but until the game is played a few times and the cards learnt a little, the 1st few games can be tough.

3. Length of Season: I would like to get some feedback on this, I really don't have a preference one way or another but would favour a shorter season especially if there are many new players so no one loses interest as they fall down the standings in a longer league. Ideally, it would also be fun to have a championship match between the two top players.

4. Versions and variants: There are 2 different versions of the game. The 2nd printing of the game changed a card(the dreaded Aldrich Ames) and added a few optional cards. I personally don't think it matters which version is played as long as the players are aware of the different versions, but perhaps i'm biased as i have an early version of the game and am not really interested in re-buying it. It's actually interesting how these few changes can have a big impact on the tempo of the game. We will use the tournament rules which include rules for bidding for sides. Because of this we can simply ignore the China Civl War Variant.

5. Etiquette: It occurs to me it might be worth taking a moment to discuss this. So much of the game depends on the scoring cards and the bluffing involved in playing them effectively. If someone happens to be watching a game and tips your hand to what you are holding this could be very frustrating. Hopefully, as long as we are aware of this we can prevent this from happening. Also, I assume many who have played this game before have run into the problem of accidental thermonuclear war and the do-over. Many games that result in this very unsatisfying ending are simply because of a boneheaded move but in a league setting we really can't have take-backs so be aware - don't let this happen to you.

Twilight Struggle League Roster:

1. Mark Macza
2. R Newell
3. Cordawg
4. Dana Tillusz
5. Matt Robertson
6. Kent Fisk
7. Ian Schofield

Game 1:13/01/08     Mark Macza(USSR) 3VP win over Kent Fisk (7-Wargames)
Game 2:13/02/12     Matt R(USA) 20VP win over Cory H (8)
Game 3:13/02/12     Kent F(USA) 8VP win over Dana T (F)
Game 4:13/03/12     Matt R(USSR) 9VP win over Ryan N (F)
Game 5:13/03/12     Cory H(USA) European Control win over Mark M (6)
Game 6:13/04/09     Mark M(USSR) tied Dana T(USA) (F)
Game 7:13/05/14     Dana T(USSR) 20VP win over Cory H(USA) (6)
Game 8:13/06/11     Dana T(USSR) 37VP win over Matt R(USA) (F)
Game 9:13/06/11     Mark M(USSR) 35VP win over Cory H(USA) (F)
Game 10:13/08/13   Kent F(USSR) 20VP win over Cory H(USA) 3

                   GP  W    L   T   LwL   Pts
Dana T         4     2    1   1    1     14
Mark M         4     2    1   1    0     13
Matt R          3     2    1   0    1     12
Kent F          3     2    1   0    1      12
Cory H          5    1     4   0    2     11
Ryan N         1     0    1   0    1      2

Everything Else / Fantasy Baseball
« on: February 09, 2011, 04:38:21 PM »
Any fantasy baseball owners here?

I was recently part of a football league that I thought was well done so I would like to repeat the process with the better sport. I'm looking for a serious league with a live auction (that's the key) with keeper players and ideally not a silly roster format or some dumb scoring scheme.

In case that's not available i've gone ahead and created just that at

If anyone is interested let me know. I'm not looking for hardcore owners just people that will stay involved and set their roster. I've played for several years at and am tired of all the dead teams. I will have to be willing to boot anyone whose team goes dead.

The league details:
16 teams - 2 divisions (I can reduce this to fit- divs are really only for scheduling purposes) 
Live Auction (it is important that everyone can do the auction!)
Full 25 man rosters with 5sp and 5rp (yes, 5 RP that makes it a full team; also that will cut down on the pointless busy-work of swapping pitchers in and out daily)
7x7 head to head (added obp, slg and to pitching catagories SV->SV+H, added HR, SO/BB)
(SO/BB is somewhat redundant but unfortunately the best option to go to 7x7 unless you go with SV and H separately but they are such ridiculous stats that I would very much rather not)

So far I only have one other player but if i can convince the good players in my Yahoo league i can get that up to 7 or 8.

If anyone is interested send me a message here or better yet email me.

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