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Have been going through a few boxes of older titles in my collection and realized I will never get around to playing the following which I am now hoping to trade or sell:             None have been played, and most are still in shrinkwrap. Regardless, they are all priced at $20 each.         All items are now sold, traded or have been disposed of through other transactions. Thanks to all who expressed interest.

Age of Conan
Guardians of Graxia
Iron Sky
Exalted-Legacy of the Unconquered Sun
Mystery of the Templars

Archive of Marketplace Items / Games For Sale
« on: August 26, 2021, 06:58:17 PM »
You never know what you might discover when rummaging through storage boxes of games purchased in the distant past, often on impulse, intending to learn and play them "someday" which unfortunately never seems to come. The following games have shrink wrap removed, and unless indicated, have never been played (components are unpunched). Some of the titles have multiple copies available, but any expansions listed are all one copy only, and will only be sold with a copy of the base game.

Thanks to all who purchased, traded or negotiated a bulk purchase on these items.

Age of Renaissance ($30)
Chariot Lords ($20)
Game of Thrones-The Board Game (first edition)  ($40 for base game or $100 for base game and the two expansions)
expansion – A Clash of Kings
expansion – A Storm of Swords

History of the World  ($40)

Internal Affairs  ($15)

Infinity Gauntlet a reimplementation of Love Letter  ($15)

Rolling Ranch ($10)

Serenissima (first edition)   ($20)
Tracks to Titicaca  ($20)
War of the Ring (first edition)  ($50)

The following games are still in shrink wrap (new):
1001 - $12
Baseball Challenge - $20
Dragonwood - $12
Kings & Things - $30  (Z-Man Games second edition)
Seven Seals - $7 (several copies available - although this is the French edition of the classic Stefan Dorra card game that has
                          had many iterations, such as Die Sieben Siegel, Wizard Extreme and Slough Off, English rules are included)
Sherco's Grand Slam Baseball Game - $20

The following games have been played but are in excellent condition:
Delve - $20
King of the Beasts - $5

If you are averse to spending money but have some game titles you would like to trade, I encourage you to send me your list, and we can go from there. Please post here or contact me via e-mail if any items interest you. Thanks!

Archive of Marketplace Items / Games for Sale/Trade
« on: September 12, 2018, 03:03:40 PM »
All titles are now gone. Thanks to those who simply inquired, purchased outright, or let me twist their arm to finalize a trade.

Here's another small batch of games for sale or for trade. If possible, I do prefer trading, and if you have an interest in that as well, it's best to send me a small list of games that you would be willing to swap for any titles you would like. That said, a cash deal is always welcome too.

The following lists the games, any relevant particulars, and a BGG link. Send me a PM or post here if interested, and thanks for looking!

Secret Tijuana Deathmatch - $5 (two copies available)
Sold / Traded
Martian Dice - $10
Wind & Wetter (Wind & Weather) - $15 (sealed mint, German import with English rules included) Traded

Starfall - $15  Traded

Mystic War - $10  Sold

Robot X - $10 Reserved

Dice Bazaar - $15 (mint in shrinkwrap)

Archive of Marketplace Items / Games For Sale
« on: December 20, 2016, 02:04:08 AM »
I offer the following games for sale, but will also consider all reasonable trade offers: All games now disposed of. Thanks to all who expressed an interest.

Red Dragon Inn $20 - (Opened, but all components still in shrink wrap and unplayed.) Lighter fare game of fantasy characters drinking to excess and stealing each other's loot at the neighborhood pub. Sold

Red Dragon Inn 2 $20 - (Opened, but all components still in shrink wrap and unplayed.) A new group of fantasy characters in a pub, still prone to excess drinking and petty theft. Sold

Slush Fund $15 (Opened, but cards are unused and unplayed.) Card game of dirty U.S. politics. Traded

Warlock $15 (Opened, but die cut card stock still on original sprue, and unplayed.) Old school card driven game by Games Workshop about wizardly conflict.  Sold

Give It To the King $10 (Excellent condition.) Very light press your luck dice and tile game. Traded

Feurio! $15 (Opened, but tiles still in original sprues and unplayed.) Abstract tactical placement game of fighting forest fires. Traded

If any titles interest you, send me a personal e-mail or post on this site, and do not be afraid to suggest a trade (best to send me a short list of what you are willing to trade). Also note I have more than one copy of a few of the titles that I might be willing to sell as well.

Archive of Marketplace Items / Settlers of Catan and Draco & Company
« on: June 26, 2016, 12:54:47 AM »
For sale (will also consider offers in trade):

Settlers of Catan (English first edition by Mayfair Games) - $15

Draco & Co. (by Descartes Editeur) - $5

Both titles are now sold.

Unless otherwise noted, all items are shrink wrap removed, but complete and unplayed, with unpunched, intact components.

If you are not that keen on parting with your hard earned money for some obscure older titles, BUT also have some games that you are planning to put up for adoption soon, consider sending me a list of what you would be willing to trade for any titles you are interested in. Thanks!

(Note: List has been updated and remaining items have reduced prices.)

Ascension at Firepeak - $5 (House of Slack Games - 2001) Card game of assembling fantasy creatures (b&w illustrations) into a power structure pattern with liberal doses of combat and magic.

Battle Grid - $7 (Zeno Games - 2002) Simple multi-player close quarters combat game. Good for play with older children. (2 copies available)

Bram Stoker's Dracula TBG - $10 (Leading Edge Games - 1992) Multi-player horror game based on the movie.

Cults Across America  - $10 (Atlas Games - 1998) Tongue in cheek conspiracy slug-athon of Cthulhu intrigue.

Dallas - $10 (Yaquinto Publications - 1980) Business game of high finance, stock holdings and blackmail, based on the TV show.

Little Italy - $5 (Playroom Entertainment - 2007) Used but excellent condition Reiner Knizia dice game of money drops & dodging cops.

Material World - $10 (Strange Magic Games - 1995) Pre WWI world conquest game of resource management and route building. (2 copies available)

Archive of Marketplace Items / FOR SALE: Boardgames
« on: January 17, 2015, 02:13:59 AM »
Have a few new games for sale. Send me an e-mail if any of the titles interest you (or if you would like more information). Thanks!

UPDATE - All sold. Thanks to all who expressed interest. Hope you enjoy your purchases!

Praetor (new, still in shrink wrap) - $35

The Lord of the Rings:Nazgul (new, still in shrink wrap) - $25

Warcraft:the Board Game (opened, but all components/cards unused) - $10 (two copies available)

Talisman (Black Industries - 4th edition) (new, still in shrink wrap) - $12  (note that this version is incompatible with the FFG version and subsequent expansions unless you have, or purchase, their upgrade pack)

Wrong Chemistry (opened, but all components/cards unused) - $10

DiceAfari by Stratus Games - $12

Sentinels of the Multiverse by Greater Than Games (signed, first edition) - $12
This first edition is in a much smaller box than the newer Enhanced Edition, and has no room for extra card sets. And, although it has been used, it is in excellent condition and most card sets included have never been used. BUT...........out of the approximately 570 cards that come with the set (comprising 10 hero decks, 4 villain decks and 4 environment decks), there are four cards missing (two from the villain Citizen Dawn deck and two from the hero Wraith deck). I believe all were duplicate cards of others that are in the decks, so the loss is rather insignificant, but it is a negative, regardless.

Die Goldene Stadt by Kosmos - $12
This is the German edition of The Golden City (later published by Z-Man Games). It comes with fully illustrated English rules, and there is no German on any of the components, only the box. And aside from the German on the box, the contents and total presentation are identical to the English Z-Man games version.

Send me an e-mail or post here if any of these titles interest you; either to purchase, or to offer something in trade. Thanks!

Archive of Marketplace Items / For SALE: Borderlands (with expansion)
« on: March 11, 2013, 06:18:24 PM »

Thanks to those who purchased copies of this game from me! Enjoy!

I have two copies of Borderlands (by Eon Products) for sale, along with two copies of the first expansion made for it. The expansions are both sealed mint, while the two base games are opened, but with components intact (i.e. die cut counters still in their sprues) and unused. I will only sell a base game and an expansion together, as a combo, and am asking $30. However, if you don't like the price, I may be open to do a trade (send me your list of games). Note: I've now sold one copy and tentatively sold the second, which leaves me with one used copy of Borderlands (without the expansion) available for $12. The components are all in excellent shape, although the box has several lateral creases in it (top and bottom).

For those who may be unfamiliar with this game, keep in mind the production quality was limited, as the "board" provided is really only a paper mapsheet. The game is for up to four players, while the first expansion (which I include) adds components for a fifth player along with some new die cut components such as islands and bridges.

BGG link:

Archive of Marketplace Items / FOR SALE: Board Games
« on: January 14, 2013, 06:28:08 PM »
All games on this list have now been sold! Thanks to all the players who purchased my games! Enjoy!!

I have a number of games I'd like to sell, and unless otherwise indicated, are all opened, but in unplayed condition (cards still in cellophane wrap, and counters or die cut tiles unpunched). What may look like duplicate entries are actually extra copies of that particular title.

I am very open to trade suggestions. If you are even marginally interested in anything on this list, but don't really want to cough up any cash for the transaction, maybe you have a game or two that you would be willing to offer in trade. If so, send me your trade list.

Also, don't be afraid to negotiate if you think a particular title you may want is listed at a little more than you would like to pay.

    newly added:
    For the Win by Tasty Minstrel Games (used - includes the Kickstarter 3 and 4 player expansion tiles) - $12
    Crunch by Terror Bull Games (used) - $8
    Frag Deadlands by Steve Jackson Games - $15
    Frag Deadlands by Steve Jackson Games - $15
    Dwarven Dig (first edition) by Kenzer & Company - $10
    Tales of the Arabian Nights - first edition by Westend Games (used) - $10
    Tales of the Arabian Nights - first edition by Westend Games - $20
    Carcassonne-The Dice Game by Rio Grande Games (used) - $8
    Ant Assault by Mongoose Publishing (used) - $8
    Star Traders by Steve Jackson Games - $20
    Star Traders by Steve Jackson Games - $20
    Drakon by Fantasy Flight Games (original-first edition) - $12

Zombie Fluxx by Looney Labs (new, in shrinkwrap) - $10
Order of the Stick by Ape Games (new, in shrinkwrap) - $15
Kings & Things by West End Games/Games Workshop - $10
Kings & Things by West End Games/Games Workshop (used) - $6
Chainsaw Warrior by Games Workshop - $20
Chainsaw Warrior by Games Workshop - $20
Curse of the Mummy's Tomb by Games Workshop - $20
Virtual by Fat Messiah Games (new, in shrinkwrap) - $12
Virtual by Fat Messiah Games - $10
My Dwarves Fly by Pegasus Spiele - $6
My Dwarves Fly by Pegasus Spiele (used) - $5High Society by Ravensburger (German box with English rules) - $8
High Society by Ravensburger (German box with English rules) - $8
Stonehenge by Titanic Games - $10
Stonehenge-Nocturne expansion by Titanic Games (sealed mint) - $7
Ultra Vilelence by Evil Polish Brothers - $7
Scripts & Scribes by Dr. Finn's Card Company - $8
Empire Builder by Mayfair Games - $15
British Rails by Mayfair Games - $15
Munchkin Core Sets by Steve Jackson Games - $10 each (except where indicated)
       Munchkin Impossible
      Munchkin Cthulhu
       The Good The Bad and the Munchkin
       Star Munchkin (includes sealed mint expansion) - $17
       Super Munchkin (includes sealed mint expansion) - $17
       .....also have available the first four expansions (all sealed mint) for the original Munchkin base set at $7 each
Car Wars Card Game by Steve Jackson Games - $10
Rogue Trooper by Games Workshop - $20
Rogue Trooper by Games Workshop - $20
Dungeonquest by Games Workshop - $20

Send me an e-mail if any titles interest you or if you'd like more info before deciding. Thanks!


« on: September 10, 2012, 10:46:14 PM »
I got a "heads up" on this great news from Mac, on the weekend. Kudos to all three of you for taking the initiative to make it happen. I am especially enthusiastic about this new venue since it is planned as a weekly event, AND is only a stones throw from my place. I trust your initiative will meet with success.
Good stuff guys!!!

With thanks to the administrators for setting up this section in the first place, I am attaching a list in Microsoft Word of the several dozen board games I have for sale. Most of these games are in a condition I like to describe as "Near Mint" by which I mean that the shrink wrap has been removed, but the game is unused and unplayed (i.e. cards are wrapped/pristine, cardboard counters and tiles are unpunched and still in their sprues, etc.). There are also a few titles that are used (and are listed clearly as such) but are still in very good or excellent condition.

Please note I am willing to negotiate a trade for any of the titles if you have something you think might be of interest to me. (If you want to trade, it's best to send me a list of what you have.) Regardless, if you see something of mine that you would like to have, send me a private note rather than posting a reply on the site. Thanks!

Barry Ellis

Update: I found it odd that my game list has been downloaded several dozen times, and yet I have only received a couple of e-mail messages as a result. My e-mail address is listed at the bottom of the game list attachment, but I have only just realized that it is not listed on my profile. Anyway, I have just updated my profile, so you will now be able to contact me from the membership list (user name Bellis) in case you didn't see my e-mail address on my list of games. Also, all games listed are still available. Even though I have sold a few items, I actually have duplicates of many of the games. Thanks!


Update - I'm putting up a couple more games for sale (or trade):
              Nitro Dice (by Minion Games) - $12 (used
              Simply Cosmic (basic Cosmic Encounter game with 8 aliens, by Mayfair Games) - $10 (used)
              Simply Cosmic *as described above* - $15 (shrink wrap removed, but all components intact and unused)
              Zombie Dice (by Steve Jackson Games) - $7

Update: Please note all the remaining games have now been sold. The bulk of them at the Frag Con auction.

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