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Selling my Stormcast because i dont use them anymore and want to expand my deepkin army. Seller located in Regina, pickup prefered but will deliver in regina and close surrounding area. Army is fully built, most primed (gold on top of black; lightly primed) and some painted. unprimed will be marked with U.P below


Vandus Hammerhand/Lord celestant on dracoth
Lord - Aquilor
Lord- Arcanum on Gryph charger
Knight-Heraldor U.P
Lord-Ordinator U.P
Gavriel Sureheart
Neave Blacktalon U.P
Knight Incantor U.P
lord relictor


10x Liberators
11x Sequitors
15x Paladins ( Decimators, protectors and retributors 5 of each)
5x Vangaurd Hunters
3x Vangaurd Palladors
2x Dracothian Gaurd (fulminators)
3x Castigors U.P
3x Prosecutors with dual hammers
8x Evocators (5 with tempest blades 3 with grandstaves) U.P
2x Celestar Ballista and Crew
3x Gryph hounds unbuilt


Stormcast endless spells minus the everblaze comet

looking for 400 obo. Looking to sell as whole but will mildly piece it out (example: buy all soul wars, buy all vangaurd) Contact at 639-590-3945

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