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$50 OBO.

I bought this a while ago and played it once. So condition is like new.
Pieces are all accounted for and organized in baggies that came with the game.

After I bought it I managed to acquire a Kickstarter deluxe edition, so no longer need this one.

Miscellaneous Events / Game Nights at the Regina Rugby Club
« on: June 21, 2021, 10:31:04 AM »
We are running a short board game day at the Regina Rugby Club this Saturday from 12-4pm.

This is a drop in event with no entry fees. Feel free to come play a pickup game, or if you want, you can schedule a game if you are not sure you’ll be able to find enough players on the day of.

Full info can be found at this Facebook event:

Hey! This fall the regina warhammer 40k community is hosting a team tournament. There’s enough potential spots to be considered an ITC Grand Tournament, which is super exciting.

The full details on this event can be found here:

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