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Miniatures Games / static grass suppliers in Regina?
« on: October 27, 2018, 09:56:35 AM »
Hi everyone,

Does anyone carry static grass in Regina?  I tried redline but they only special order it.

I recently made a static grass applicator using a negative ion generator and would like to try 2, 4, 6 and 10mm blends for some projects this weekend.


Hi everyone,

I have a copy of Roll Player which has been used exactly one time.  It is in near mint condition.

I would be interested in trading for Azul (must be complete and in good condition).

I would also be interested to sell Roll Player for $35.00 cash.


Hi everyone,

I am excited for another year of our Blood Bowl League.  This will be our sixth consecutive year!!

If you are interested in joining this year please send me a direct reply.  Once I compile the names I will provide more details for how the season will work (and yes their will be some changes compared to previous years).

Any coaches which want to carry forth their team from last year may do so - you can log in and register your team for the '18 Season.
These teams will need to be "redrafted" and the details are already setup by our system.

If you didn't play last year and want to carry forward a legacy team we can discuss this as well.

If you know of anyone which may be interested in joining please feel free to forward this note as you wish.

You can find our league website at this address:

The season will likely run from Jan 1, 2018 - Mar 31, 2018.  You can play as little or as much as you wish but their will be some restrictions to qualify for the post season.

Thanks for your time,
Michael Becker
Da Big Green 'Un (League Commissioner)

Archive of Game Discussion / Free RPG Day: Saturday, June 17, 2017
« on: June 08, 2017, 11:15:26 AM »
Hi everyone,

I was just curious if any Saskatchewan area stores will be participating this year?

I always try to get a copy of the Goodman Games stuff as I have a crazy amount of stuff for DCC RPG.


Archive of Marketplace Items / WTB: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
« on: June 08, 2017, 11:12:52 AM »
Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy a copy (used in good condition or new only) of Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.

Michael Becker
cell (306) 591-7601

Archive of Marketplace Items / Knit-Wit - for sale
« on: December 20, 2016, 11:12:05 AM »
Hi everyone,

I have a game called Knit-Wit up for sale.  It was only ever played twice (this past weekend) so it is in perfect condition.

I would like 25.00 for it.  It would make a great gift!


Hey everyone, We will be ramping up our next Blood Bowl Season effective January - beginning of May 2017.

If you are interested in playing please reach out. I am willing to teach anyone who may be interested in this fabulous game. In my opinion, Blood Bowl has one of the absolute best league structures of any GW design.

Play as little or as often as you wish. Our play-offs will combine the best teams using a combination of League Points and Win Percentage.

The beautiful newly released boxed set is again available at a competitive price point so if you have been considering getting into the game now is a great time to start.  We would love to have you join us this season.


Hey everyone,

I will be running a MTG Grand Melee event in Regina on Saturday, Nov 26. 

What is a grand melee you may ask?  It is a multiplayer format where everyone sits in a circle.  You may only attack left and your spells and effects have an area of effect one player left and one player right.  Multiple players take turns at the same time (spaced out roughly equal throughout the participants).  You get a "victory point" whenever the opponent to your immediate left is eliminated from the game.

A more comprehensive description of this event can be found here:

Although it is semi-competitive the goal of this event is to have fun!!

City: Regina
Date: Saturday, Nov 26
Location: Imperial School (back entrance) / 200 Broad Street /
Time: Event will start at 6pm sharp.  Please be at the event by 5:30 so we can firm up seating and entry fee's.  The game will have a hard stop at 10:45 pm if it is still in progress.
Cost: 15.00 / person + 1 MTG sealed booster pack (any set)
Prizes: Minimum 50% of cash portion of all entry fee's.  100% of booster entry fee's.  The more people we get the bigger the prize pool.
Sponsors: Hoping to obtain a variety of sponsor's for additional prize support.


*100 card singleton (I believe this is known as Highlander)

*No commanders are used in this event (to clarify you can use legendary creatures and any normal sized cards printed in the Commander sets, but this event is not a Commander format and as such does not have a Commander enter the Command zone during play)

*15 rare and/or mythic rare card maximum - the rarity is determined by the most recent print set of named card (updated Oct 25 based on player feedback) / please check MtG Gatherer for the cards in your list.  Gatherer has a tab which says sets and legality - the last printing indicates the rarity  (I didn't realize Hypnotic Specter was now rare, for example)
Important Notes:
a)  Zendikar Expeditions and Kaladesh Masterpiece Inventions do not dictate rarity
b) Arabian Nights U2 is = Rare / Antiquities U1 is = Rare (if these cards have not been reprinted since)
c) If a card was printed in a FtV set that printing does not dictate rarity.
d) If a card was printed as a FNM promo that printing does not dicatate rarity.

e) TGO sets do not dictate rarity.  Only printed sets do.
**f) Rare or Mythic Rare Lands count towards the 15 rare / mythic maximum.

*Players will start with 30 life points

*Every player will be allowed to mulligan once for free (ie can draw another seven card hand)

*Please bring two copies of your decklist (a sample excel form is posted below). 

*Attacks will be made against your left most opponent only.

*Spells will have a range of 1 player to your left and 1 player to your right.

*Unlimited combo's which generate life, creatures, turns, etc have imposed restrictions - see post below

*A Banned list for this event is provided in the below posting

What to Bring:
*Your 100 card singleton deck (no proxies and/or no playtest cards please)
*2 copies of your decklist (a sample excel form is listed in a below post).
*15.00 for entry fee
*1 sealed MTG booster pack
*Extra money for snacks, 50/50 draw, and mini-games

What we will supply:
*Pads and pencils to track life totals
*Lots of prizes. No really LOTS!
*A qualified MTG Judge (fingers crossed)

Venue Information:
*Flatland Association of Gamers (FRAG) is letting us co-use the space for a minimal charge - Thank you!!
*FRAG will provide a full concession on site - there may be limited hot food avail in the evening
*50/50 tickets will be available to purchase
*No alcohol or drugs will be permitted on site
*No outside food or drink permitted
*Any cheating will eliminate you from the facility without refund
*Any behaviour worse then cheating will be submitted to the Wizard's play network and to police or other authorities, if required.
*FRAG nor I will be responsible for any lost or stolen items at the event.  We are a small community and I hope we all have each other's backs.

Tournament Points:
*1 point if your left most opponent is eliminated from the game
*3 points for last person standing
*1 point if you are still active when time has been called (i.e. if the event goes to time)

Pack and Prize Payouts
*1 random pack if your left most opponent is eliminated from the game
*LOTS of Random prizes such as: we will draw a cube from a bag (let's say it is green / the player with the most green permanents, or most devotion to green, or green enchantments or ?? will win a prize / could be anything!)
*I plan to give away prizes or offer mini-game activities for a bunch of crazy things

Other Items:
*Pre-registration - if we receive 12 or more pre-registrations before Nov 23 one of these players will win back their cash entry fee for this event (see more on this below)
*If you get knocked out of the event early there will be a bunch of people playing board games at the venue.  Feel free to join!!

I have also created a FB Event for this tournament.  Feel free to share as you wish.  The FB listing can be found here:

Get excited.  Start brewing.   This is gonna be fun!  Please note, we may need to hard cap this event at 30 - 50 players due to space and venue restrictions.

Michael Becker

Archive of Marketplace Items / Board games for sale (most in shrink)
« on: August 25, 2016, 06:38:27 PM »
Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, I need some cash.  The following games are for sale:

The Boardgamegeek Game (shrink)  40.00
Evo 2nd edition (shrink) 65.00
Dreadfleet (shrink) 80.00
Wiz War (FF / 8th edition) 25.00
Aladdin's Dragons 25.00
Bugs (shrink)  8.00
Space Dealer (like new) 25.00
Sunken City (shrink) 20.00
Schoko & Co (Schmidt Spiele) 25.00
Auf Achse (revised German ed) / SdJ winner 25.00
Antiquity (Splotter unpunched) 280.00
Full Metal Planete (very good cond / highly collectible)  350.00
Battle for Blastoff 5.00
Duel in the Dark 25.00
Zong Shi (shrink) 35.00
Hobbit Card Game (FF games / cards in shrink) 8.00 or text (306) 591-7601


Hey everyone,

Need cash, unfortunately.  I am looking to sell the following:

Jace vs Vraska Duel Deck sealed 18.00
EMA Booster Box sealed 315.00

Foil EMA Dack Fayden (NM)  130.00
Tundra (Light to Moderate Play) Revised 165.00

Any offers feel free to text me at (306) 591-7601 or email at


Everything Else / Amateur sports and abuse
« on: December 11, 2015, 12:24:17 PM »
Hi everyone,

I came across this article via my fb feed... It was one of the most powerful stories I have read in recent months.

As a kid I played hockey at some of the highest levels possible.  There is a huge amount of pressure for kids to perform well.  And some parents take this expectation to an entirely different level.

Worth a read.  I guarantee it will make you think differently in how you interact with your children.


Hi everyone,

In early January 2016 we are looking to start up our fourth Season of Blood Bowl.  If you have never heard of Blood Bowl before it is a table top miniature game, created by Games Workshop.  Blood Bowl combines elements of Fantasy, Football, and Rugby.  Games Workshop no longer directly supports the game but it continues to thrive with a living rule book created by an enthusiastic game community.  The free downloadable rules can be found here:

The cost of the league will depend on the number of participants but typically it is $20.00 / person.  The majority of this money goes to pay for the annual site fees (typically 110 Euros).  Players will also need miniatures or stand ups to represent their team (figures/models). 

The league is a fun and casual event.  Crazy things happen in Blood Bowl games.  If you tend to chuck your dice across the room when you fail a crucial roll this game and our league is definitely not for you.

Our league season runs from early January and winds up at the Flatland Games Convention in the spring (first weekend of May).  In terms of organizing games you can play as often or as little as you like.  The season typically has an early season (before our all-star game) and a late season.  In order to qualify for the play-offs you would need to play a minimum four or five games in both the early and late season.

Games can be played at public venues or at home or anywhere really.   If necessary, please obtain permission with the store/venue prior to any games played.

Most of the discussion regarding the league takes place via email or directly on the league website but I am open to other alternatives.  Our website can be found at this link:

If you would like more information on this league, if you might be interested in joining, or if you would like to discuss the game itself feel free to contact Michael Becker (League Commissioner):

cell:     (306) 591-7601

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the short notice.  We will be holding a 3 game Blood Bowl Swiss Style tournament on Saturday, July 18 at the North Central Community Centre. 
Please feel free to share this note with anyone who may be interested.

The cost to enter the tournament will be $15.00.  Out of this pool $5.00 will go to the Community Centre.  It will also include a meal (chili perhaps) which will be available between the second and third match.  Any remaining cash will go to prizes.  A confectionary with light snacks and/or pop and chips will also be available.

What to Bring:
3 Blood Bowl Block Dice
Miniatures or cutouts to represent your team.  (Please note, any players using “blocks” will be charged a $5.55 surtax. ;p)

Tournament Rules:
- Standard CRP rules apply with some exceptions noted below.
- Teams will resurrect at the end of each game. No SPPs, injuries or any roster changes carry over between games.
- Illegal Procedure and the 4 minute time limit will not be enforced.
- Games will have a maximum length of 2.5 hours. Turn time limits or chess clocks may be imposed if a game is at risk of going over the 2.5 hour time limit.
- Players must agree on cocked die rules, the use of dice cups, and/or sharing dice at the start of the match.
- All movement must be square by square on board.
- If there are any disagreements or rules disputes, tournament directors will be able to assist.
- Elastic bands and/or skill rings are encouraged to denote extra skills.
- Teams with the ability to raise killed players will not be allowed to.

Team building:
- 24 NAF sanctioned teams are eligible.
- Teams get 1.15 million gold to construct their roster. (1,150,000 gp’s)
- Star players can be purchased as part of a roster, but only after 11 roster players have been purchased. In the case that opposing teams hire the same star, both teams will be allowed to use the player.
- Teams must play with a minimum of 11 players.
- Teams can purchase Rerolls, apothecaries (if allowed), Bloodweiser Babes, coaches, cheerleaders or fan factor.
- Teams may also include bribes as part of the roster as per the standard inducement cost.
- Chefs can only be purchased by Halfling teams.
- No other inducements may be purchased (including wizards, cards, extra apothecaries, mercenaries, etc).
- Teams can select one of the following skill packages:

Tier System

Tier 1 – Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Norse, Orc, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elf
Tier 2 –Pro Elf, High Elf, Khemri, Necromantic
Tier 3 – Chaos, Chaos Pact, Human, Nurgle, Slann
Tier 4 – Halfling, Goblin, Ogre, Underworld, Vampire

Tier 1 – 4 regular skills
Tier 2 – 5 Regular Skills
Tier 3 – 5 regular + 1 Double
Tier 4 – 5 regular + 2 Doubles

- Stars cannot be given skills
- One extra skill maximum per player
- Each skill can be given to a maximum of two players per team

Win   30 points
Loss   0 points
Tie   10 points

Secondary Tie-breakers will based on overall rankings using combined group results:
CAS FOR – CAS AGAINST compared vs the entire field (all CAS count, not just from Blocking)
TD FOR – TD AGAINST compared vs the entire field

Initial Seeding will be done based on Tiers as possible.

1st Place
Wooden Spoon
Best Sportsmanship
First player to roll triple skulls (uphill or downhill).
First player to receive a death (after any applicable regeneration/apothecary/Igor rolls).
Other random prizes may also be awarded.

Again, sorry for the very short notice on this.  I hope you can all attend.  It should be a fun day.  Hopefully we can potentially go out for drinks after the event as well.

Michael Becker
Da Big Green ‘Un (Commissioner of the Regina Flatland Blood Bowl League
Cell: ( 306) 591-7601

Archive of Marketplace Items / WTB: D&D Rules Cyclopedia Hardcover
« on: March 20, 2015, 03:43:07 PM »
Hi everyone,

I am looking for a good, clean copy of the D&D Rules Cyclopedia.  This is the hardback book with the Jeff Easley cover issued in the early 90's.  It contained a compendium of details for the original D&D systems (Basic, Expert, Companion and Master).

Thanks in advance,
Michael Becker
cell 306 591 7601

Hi everyone,

I am looking to start building some battle boards/sets for LOTR/Hobbit Strategy Battle Game (SBG).  This is the Games Workshop table top skirmish system.

My eventual goal is to run a campaign (probably with my boys) of The Hobbit and then Lord of the Rings.  I would like to create an alternative ending based on the results of our games.

If anyone has any box sets or models they wish to get rid of please let me know.  I am also looking for the source books and fanzine publication/magazine called Battle Games in Middle Earth (BGiME).

Michael Becker
306 591 7601

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