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Archive of Play with Your Food / Chit Disturbers Bake Sale Fundraiser
« on: August 13, 2019, 03:16:46 PM »

Items available:
- 12 cupcakes (white or chocolate) with whipped frosting (vanilla, chocolate, or pistachio)
- 12 earl grey short bread cookies
- 12 chewy chocolate chip cookies
- 1 8x8 pan of Rice Krispy treats

Each order of the above requires a donation and an additional $5 for expenses. Any surplus of expense dollars will be donated to Street Culture Project.

How it works:
- Contact me with your order of the items available and preferred pick up date
- Donate any amount in support of my team for the Play With Your Food event here:
- Pick up on your pick up date with $5 and you'll have your baking!

Pick up schedule:
Saturday August 24 & September 21 - Cupcakes
Saturday August 31 & September 28 - Earl Grey Shortbread
Saturday September 7 & October 5- Chocolate Chip Cookies
Saturday September 14 & October 12 - Rice Krispy squares

Theatre Saskatchewan, where I work, holds 2 competitive theatre festivals a year (one long play, one short play). This year, the long play festival TheatreFest is being held in Regina.

We are looking to farm out bar-tending duties during the show and the after-party.

So, we are asking local groups if they will bar-tend for us for:
  • a flat donation from us for $200.00
  • any and all tips from the night they bar-tend
We would fashion the tip container so it's clear that the money is going to PWYF and hopefully that will generate more revenue too.

It's likely not going to produce HUGE sums of money, but every little bit helps and the volunteers would get to see the show that night as well as partake in the food during the after party.

Date: Thursday May 2, 2019
Time: Arrive for 6:30, doors open at 7:00, show begins at 7:30. You are only required to stay until 11:30pm, but the after-party continues until 1am if you want to stay.
Where: Regina Performing Arts Centre at 1077 Angus St. There's lots of parking available; the north parking lot is reserved for volunteers and people involved
Who: We only require 2 bar-tenders. We could split it into shifts if necessary.

We would prefer to have at least 1 person working the bar have the Serve It Right / Safe Serve course, but that's not absolutely necessary.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in this thread, message me, or email me at

First come, first served, so jump on it quickly if you want some easy money for your team(s)!

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