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Xwing hangar bay 77 plus Tournament.

- Hangar bay style with a twist of drafting final 23-28 points! 
- Bring out 3 different squads, 1 in each faction.  - Maximum 77 points per squad.
- When we arrive we will draw numbers from a hat to allow drafting.  There will be 3 drafts, one for each faction. 
- First draft: person that pulled number 4 will choose faction for first draft.  Then #5 will start draft in that faction counting up. (5-6-7-8-1 .. etc)
- Second draft: person #5 will choose second draft faction.  #4 will start draft followed in descending order. (4-3-2-1-8 ... etc)
- Third draft: person #1 will start drafting final faction, followed by ascending order.
- We will use the system open series mini squads built by ffg / online. (View the mini squads here )
- In the case of more than 8 people I will randomly draw extra mini squads from the 8 shown on the list above.
- First game you can see your opponents lists and then choose any of your three lists.
- Second game is a choice between the two you haven't played.
- Third game is your final factions list
- Final game: your opponent chooses one list you can't fly, you then choose between remaining two.

- I will try have all the mini squads available and set up for the tournament.  If anyone is wanting to participate but doesn't have a factions ships they want to use, let me know and I'll see if I have extra. 
- Printed / proxied upgrades and pilots are also allowed in tournament to allow everyone full access to all 3 factions.

June 24, 2017
10:00 am start time
4 rounds of xwing!  Lunch break if we decide we want one.

Comic Readers Downtown

$5 entry fee

Robert Sveinbjornson

Archive of Marketplace Items / For Sale or Trade: MtG collection
« on: February 09, 2016, 03:51:10 PM »
Hey guys, I'm looking for advice for selling an old magic collection.  Anyone have advice on how to value old cards, and or a good place to sell?  Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

I have 4 card boxes, 2 of which are newer M15, born of the gods, theros, and journey into nyx.  The other two are assorted cards from torment, mirage, tempest, alliances, Ice age, legends, Arabian nights, the dark, fallen empires, homelands, antiquities, visions, planeshift and urban saga.... ( as well as some unmarked ones which to the best of my knowledge are from anthologies / 5th edition. 

I'd also be willing to trade for Xwing miniatures stuff if anyone was interested in it.

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