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Join my event page at to see all special offers. Expires Sept.  28th, 2016. This event is in support of Team Boba & The Fetts at

OFFER 1: All proceeds go to Soul's Harbour. This offer will go to the first 5 people to order a quick sketch portrait. Max. 5 subjects per portrait at $40./ subject. (See the event image for an example of one completed last year.) Call Nikki at 306-775-0925. Offer expires Sept . 29th, 2016. May not be combined with other offers.

OFFER 2: DONATE 10% / SAVE 10% on any fully detailed new commissioned portrait order of someone you love in any medium of your choice. My usual portrait work ranges in price from $345. and up (framing included.) Limit one order per customer. May not be combined with any other offer. Call me at 306-775-0925 for more info. Work will be completed as space is next available in my work schedule.
Do a good deed by donating 10% of the value of your order to Soul's Harbour through my teams donation page (see link in event description) and I will reward you with a 10% discount on your order! Now there is something everyone can feel good about! Offer expires at the end of Sept. 2016.

OFFER 3: Give 25% / Save 25% on all limited edition reproductions at Nikki's Portraits of Childhood. This offer does not apply to giclees. Offer expires Sept. 29th, 2016. You must call 306-775-0925 to place your order or email To view available limited editions join the event page at the link listed at the top of this post. All reproductions are unframed, are shrink-wrapped and come with a matching certificate of authenticity and artist's bio. ~ Nikki Jacquin; Artist / Owner of Nikki's Portraits of Childhood

Archive of Play with Your Food / Escape Rooms Fundraiser / Contest
« on: April 13, 2016, 03:03:22 PM »
Our PWYF team ( Bobba & the Fetts) now have tickets for the Escape Room fundraiser at Laser Quest!
See one of our team members to purchase your team ticket or message Nikki J. (forum name: nikkisportraits or call 306-775-0925) (Cash only please! We will be paying Laser Quest and they will make a donation of $3. / person attending to our fundraising page.)

Nicole Sacchetti
Joran Sacchetti
Nikki Jacquin
Tyler Neigel
Patrick LaBlanc
Laura Kautz
Brandon Kautz
Kristy Smith

Dates: Monday, May 16th & 23rd, 2016
Times: 45 min. intervals on the hour between 10 am - 10 pm each date. So start time could be for example 8 am or 8 pm.
Cost: $15. / person Laser Quest will donate $3. / person's paid admission to the PWYF fundraiser in support of Soul's Harbour Regina Rescue Mission.

Get your family, friends or co-workers together to form your team of 4 - 8 players to challenge the escape room!
A team of 4 people = $60. / 5 people = $75. / 6 people = $90. / 7 people = $105. / 8 people = $120.
Choose from 2 theme rooms: The Cellar or Vacation Vandals

Vacation Vandals (scenario): Your team has won tickets for an exotic vacation! Congratulations! The only hitch is vandals have hidden your tickets. You have 45 min. to put your heads together to solve the puzzles to locate your tickets or the plane leaves without you.
The Cellar (scenario): Your team is in the cellar of a serial killer! You have only 45 min. to solve the last murder before risking becoming his next victims!

Prizes: Thank you to our sponsors for this event! Laser Quest & Boston Pizza North Albert!
2- 1st Place Prizes: Best time in each room for solving the escape room wins a 10 person admission to Laser Quest!
2- 2nd Place Prizes: 2nd best time in each escape room wins a $40. gift certificate from Boston Pizza!

BONUS: Challenge your friends to a board game any time during this event in the party room upstairs at Laser Quest!
At 12:30 pm & 6 pm each day, a member of our team will collect your orders for Boston Pizza.  They are offering 20% off during the hours of this event for delivery to the party room. (Cash only please!)

If you like the standard Settlers of Catan, you may like to add this expansion. I'm asking $30. This is a duplicate. I already have one of my own. I could bring it this next Tues.

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