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Marketplace / Games For Sale
« on: January 30, 2019, 11:29:41 AM »
$20 - Neuroshima Hex 2.0 w/ Doomsday
$20 - Disturbed Friends
$20 - Dragons Gold
$20 - Kanzume Goddess
$20 - Shinobi Wah-taah!
$20 - Captains Wager
$20 - Leaders of Euphoria
$20 - Dragon Delta / River Dragon
$20 - Wok Star
$20 - BattleCon Fate
$20 - Eminent Domain

$60 - Endeavor   
$60 - Time Stories Base w/ Prophecy of Dragons

$120 - Suburbia (Includes: Base Game, Inc. Expansion, 5-Star Expansion, Promo Tiles, Wooden Box Insert and Acrylic Anti-Knock Borough Boards) Everything is in the base box.

Archive of Game Discussion / 2018 Gaming Challenges
« on: January 12, 2018, 10:29:59 AM »
It's a new year, time to make and break some new goals!  You can check out last year's ideas and results here for those of you still playing along.

Archive of Marketplace Items / Looking For: Table Playmat
« on: July 24, 2017, 11:36:09 AM »
Anyone know where I should start looking for a table playmat? Something like 5ft long.


I don't usually post things like this, I don't usually enter them because I don't win em', but I checked out this one, and I stayed for the Newspeak Challenge puzzles.
So there is this Ultimate Tabletop Giveaway Contest put on by Inside the Box Board Games. There are tons of prizes and lots of ways to get entries.

Cool, right? But then I noticed you can get a lot of entries by doing these Newspeak Code Challenges. (Basically the publisher is coming out with this new legacy code cracking board game later in the year called Newspeak on Kickstarter, so they're creating buzz by making these mind numbing teasers). Doing the challenges gets you tons of points, so I thought yeah, sure. I have some time to kill and I'm pretty good at puzzles.


These puzzles are mean. Verging on rude.
You have to do what to get the answer?

There are 3 puzzles:
Newspeak Code Challenge 451
Newspeak Code Challenge 1984
Newspeak Code Challenge 160811

The number of the challenge doesn't have anything to do with the challenge itself. All you need is cunning and Google. It took me probably half an hour to figure out the first one. Probably 2 hours to get through the second one (I'm not fast, but I got the job done, ok?). And I've been going at the third one for a day and a half with no answer. A DAY ... AND A HALF! I don't even care about the contest anymore, I just can't let this puzzle lie uncompleted. I need to know how it works!

So come, join the contest. I need your guys help getting the third puzzle. I just can't brain anymore. :-\

Link to Contest

Hey guys, our PWYF team, Natural 20's, is going to do a Paint Nite fundraiser this year!
It'll just be a fun laid back event with some paint and some drinks, I'd really appreciate it if you could join us. :)

Even if you can't make it, if you could spread the information to friends or family that might be interested, that would also help us a lot. Thanks!

Archive of Marketplace Items / FOR TRADE/SALE: Collection of Games
« on: November 15, 2016, 12:15:44 PM »
Prices are negotiable. Post on here or msg me. If you have any questions on any of them, ask away.

     Name     Price     Time       Description
Antidote   $1030 minBluffing/deduction card game for up to 7 people.
Bang: Heroes of the Storm   $2045 minThe Bang! Card game based in the Blizzard franchise. Play with characters from Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft against each other.
Mottainai   $2030 minSuccessor to 'Glory to Rome', your cards have multiple uses. Perform tasks, collect resources, and sell works. Keep in mind that other players can follow up your actions on their turn. Strategic but quick.
Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing   $3060 minMiniature arena style game. Base set with the 3 dragons. Practically new, just haven't been able to get it out to the table.
Game Developerz   $5060 minHumorous card game for up to 6 players about the video game industry.
You are a video game company employing workers, developing your business and adding features to your games to make the best games possible. Comes with the E-Sports, Indie Games and Mobile Games expansions.
Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game   $5060 minBased on the popular video game, the theme shines through really good. There are also a lot of cool miniatures. The plot of the game is to stay alive, saving as much cake as you can on the way.
Zombie '15   $6030 minTimed game with a soundtrack. There are missions in a campaign-like book that tell a story of a bunch of kids living through a zombie apocalypse. The games last 15 minutes, but I put 30 minutes down because there is a bit of setup.
It's the kickstarter edition, so it comes with the plastic zombie cup, extra scenarios and the solo campaign.
Dungeon Twister   $6060-120 minVery strategic, no-luck based, arena type game where you go through and try to get out of the dungeon before your opponent. Twist the dungeon tiles to trap them in. Base game with the 3-4 player expansion. 

Free with Purchase
- Angry Dice
- Falling
- Pina Pirata
- Wands
- Witch Hunt

Talisman (4th Edition)   SOLD120 minThis is the Black Industries Edition, which doesn't work well with the Fantasy Flight expansions without an upgrade kit.
Brand new. Cards have been taken out of shrink, but not played yet.
Munchkin Adventure Time   SOLD60 minBoth a standalone and expansion game with other titles in the munchkin family.
One Night Revolution   SOLD20 minFast game of secret identities for 3 to 10 players. Deduction, bluffing, negotiation.
Red Dragon Inn 2   SOLD30 minQuick, fun game. Can play a lot of players if you add expansions. This is a duplicate for me as I bought someone else's collection to add to my own. :)
The Captain Is Dead: Episode 3 - Lockdown   SOLD120 minThis is the Standalone version, doesn't need anything else to play it. It comes with the Episode 3 rulebook as well as the original rulebook, as the game uses some terms from the original game, so they are referenced in there.  Cooperative game. Accidentally got two copies off kickstarter. 

Hey guys, my team Chewsday Knights is doing an All You Can Eat Pizza/Pasta Fundraiser.

Friday, August the 12th.
6pm - 9pm @ the 4 Seasons.
Tickets are $25.

Minors are welcome but we need to know in advanced how many will be there so we can book a bit of the restaurant side. 

Post here or message me for tickets.

The Moor Visitors Expansion, designed by famed designer Uwe Rosenberg (Agricola, Caverna, Patchwork) and Viticulture designers Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone, adds 40 new visitors to any version of Viticulture.


Last year I had the pleasure of collaborating with one of my design idols, Uwe Rosenberg (Agricola, Caverna, Patchwork, etc), on the Viticulture Essential Edition. On a whim, I asked him if he would be interested in designing a few visitor cards. I figured he might design 3 or 4 cards, and I'd turn them into a promo pack to sell on BGG.

Several days later, Uwe sent me 64 card designs.

I cut some cards that didn't fit well into Viticulture and honed the rest for balance and wording. The remaining 40 visitor cards now comprise the Moor Visitors Expansion, the name of which is both a play on the word "more" and on Uwe's "Farmers of the Moor" expansion to Agricola. Every card is beautifully illustrated by Beth Sobel, and most of the cards feature Uwe's friends and family. There's also a special card based on this Viticulture-themed proposal story. In addition to the 40 visitor cards--which fit into any version of Viticulture (they're marked with a tiny "MV" icon)--we've included reprinted versions of the Promoter and the Harvest Machine.

The Moor Visitors Expansion has already been printed, and it will arrive in St. Louis in a few days (along with more copies of Viticulture and Between Two Cities).

There was an email sent today to Stonemaier newsletter subscribers that Jamey has been working on a secret expansion called the Moor Visitors for Viticulture. It's going on pre-order today through BoardGameBliss, for $16. I'm grabbing a copy and was wondering if anyone else wants to bulk order this to save on shipping. [link]

Preorder ends Sunday (Feb 28th), so I'm going to put the order in on Sat. If you want in, post here or msg me by tomorrow @ 8pm, so I know how much to split the shipping by. Then we can arrange to get the money in beforehand. I'll only order the ones who have paid.

Archive of Marketplace Items / FOR TRADE/SALE: Game Collection
« on: July 27, 2015, 10:15:09 AM »
Here is my list. I'm not looking for anything in particular. I'd rather trade then sell. Prices are negotiable. Post on here or msg me. If you have any questions on any of them, ask away. I've played most of them.

     Name     Price     Time       Description
Mifuchi$1515 minLight Rock-Paper-Scissors type game.
Monsters And Maidens$3030 minDice, Press Your Luck. Comes with the Epic Dice Expansion and 60 maiden meeples.

Rarrr!SOLD60 minDrafting, Set Collection
OneZeroOneSOLD15 minStrategy based 2-player game around the theme of computer code.
Sushi GoSOLD15 minCard drafting.
Anima: Shadow of OmegaSOLD60 minExploration/Dungeon Crawler Card Game
Ghost StoriesSOLD120 minChallenging Coop. Good game, just not for my group. :)
Little Dungeon: Turtle RockSOLD30 minCute simple dungeon crawler card game.
Welcome to the DungeonSOLD30 minPress your luck dungeon delve.
Archer: Danger ZoneSOLD60 minAdult Humor, Dice. Light on gameplay.
King DownSOLD120 minHaven't played it yet, got 2 copies by accident. It's an abstract chess-like variant for 4 players with spell cards. Lots of cool looking miniatures. KS edition with extra characters and 'Keepers of the King' expansion
Stonemaier Treasure Chest - OriginalSOLD-                      Sealed. Comes with Euphoria replacement cards. 156 total tokens (26 each of gold, wood, ore, stone, clay, and gems)
Sid Meier's CivilizationGONE240 minI believe it's the 2003 edition. Got it in a trade, haven't played it. Box is a little beat up.
NoirTRADED15 minDeduction game. Love this game - getting the deluxe(black box) copy so no need for this one.  :)
Kittens In A BlenderTRADED30 minHand Management
Lost LegacySOLD20 minBluffing, Deduction, Memory - Sort of like love letter, with a bit more to it.
DixitSOLD30 minDeduction, Party
Machi KoroTRADED60 minDice, Territory Building. Love this game - getting the deluxe copy so no need for this one.  :)
Penny Arcade Card Game      SOLD30 min2 Player pre-contructed deck card game.
Black Market WarehouseSOLD30 minSet collection
Brew Crafters TCGSOLD30 minSet collection
Pie FactorySOLD30 minSet collection
Dungeon Roll - Kickstarter EditionSOLD30 minDice, Press Your Luck. I have an extra Kickstarter edition. This is a quick filler game my group plays a lot. The Kickstarter edition comes with the first booster pack of heroes as well as an exclusive hero called the Guild Leader, which comes with it's own special die. Also has 2 additional dungeon dice, cards for the dungeon and graveyard, and comes in a special mimic looking box.

Archive of Marketplace Items / FOR SALE: D&D Dicemasters
« on: July 09, 2015, 07:33:05 PM »
I have a bunch of duplicates I want to get rid of. :P

I have probably around 50 commons, and 25 uncommons. No rares or super rares. All of the uncommons have the dice that go to them, only some of the commons have dice for them. Looking to get rid of it all in one go. Post or msg me and offer something. May trade for commons/uncommons of another set, or completely different games, but just msg me first and we can go from there.

Role Playing Games / Dungeons and Dragons: The Different Editions
« on: June 15, 2015, 09:11:42 AM »
Hey guys, I'm setting up this section to discuss the different editions of Dungeons and Dragons and the differences between them. What you like about each one, what you don't. Which ones you've tried.

Feel free to chime in with your experiences!

Archive of Marketplace Items / For Sale: Witch Hunt
« on: January 27, 2015, 08:14:50 PM »
A little while back I went and professionally printed a print and play game that Barry showed me. I did a mass print and have 4 copies left. They are $3 each.

Game Discussion / SaskGames Bulletin & Production Dates
« on: January 23, 2015, 12:10:22 PM »
SaskGames is VERY Pleased to announce the Bi-Monthly SaskGames Bulletin, a PDF Newsletter that will be emailed the middle of every second month. We hope to further build the community by keeping people informed about events and a variety of other game related topics.

This thread will be an information thread for the Newsletter. This publication was started in January 2014 and the issues are emailed to addresses in our mailer Database. We are excited with the quality and quantity of contributors who are joining this initiative.

Also, be sure to check your junk/spam folder and make sure to allow the following email addresses to send you gaming goodness via email:

As each new issue gets ready to roll out the door, we will post the previous issue as a download on this site so you have access to past issues. 

January 2014 - Download available
February 2014 Download available
March/April 2014 Download available
May 2014 - Download available
June 2014 - Download available
July 2014 - Download available
August 2014 - Download available
November/December 2014 - Download available
January/February 2015 - Download available
March/April 2015 - Download available
May/June 2015 - Download available
July/August 2015 - Download available
September/October 2015 - Download available
November/December 2015 - Download available
January/February 2016 - Download available
March/April 2016 - Download available
Summer Edition (May, June, July, Aug) 2016 - Download available
Winter Edition (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec) 2016 - Download available
January/February 2017 - Download available
March/April 2017 - Emailed to Subscribers.
May/June 2017 - Accepting Articles (Submit to

Feel free to post any questions or feedback in this thread. We want to hear from you!!!

Articles Due/Publication Date:
February 1stFebruary 15th
April 1stApril 15th
June 1stJune 15th
August 1stAugust 15th
October 1stOctober 15th
December 1stDecember 15th

Anyone is free to submit articles to the newsletter. Please send them to, in a text document or word document, and attach any pictures you would like published with your article.

Archive of Game Discussion / Discussion on Playmats
« on: August 25, 2014, 11:46:56 AM »
I figured this would be an interesting topic, and as I'm currently looking into a game that has some, that I'd post it on here.

I'm wondering what people think about those neoprene playmats.
Not specifically on quality, I know that some are really nice and others ... well, they work for what you need them for.
But what do you guys think about them being a part of a game. Do you like playing with them? If it's a game that doesn't necessarily need them, or the game already comes with paper mats that fit in the game box, is it something you consider buying anyways? Do they end up taking too much space? And how do you store yours? I have a game that they actually fit in the game box, and am glad to have them because of it, but I also have a bunch for games where they don't fit, and have to be stored separately. Does that change your opinion on them? I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to have to carry more then one box for each game, fitting all expansions one way or another into one gamebox if possible, so that opinion rolls over for these mats as well. Sometimes it feels like more of a hassle to remember to pack the mats.

There are some games they work really well for. For example, I think the playmats for Dice Masters are amazing and almost necessary. Whereas there is a mat for Pixel Tactics that looks really pretty, keeps your cards straight and possibly faster to strategize, but technically not necessary (I still use mine all the time), and yet still a mat for Yomi, which just keeps track of your health with numbers on the side of it and nothing more.

I'm just curious on other people's opinions.  ;) So, what do you think? Do you have mats for games that you think everyone should be playing with?

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