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Hi, I'm selling some games and an organizer as a fundraiser for my PWYF team Test Gamers Please Ignore:

Agricola: New Farm Organizer for Revised Edition - $20
New in shrink

Tiny Epic Defenders Kickstarter Deluxe First Edition - $25
Opened, never played

SOLD -Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game:  U-Wing expansion - $25 
Complete, never used, just missing original box

Ivanhoe: The Age of Chivalry - $20
New in shrink

Mu & Lots More - $15
New in shrink

White Elephant - $5
Opened, never played

Mad Gab, Beyond Balderdash, Cranium & Dirty Minds - $2 each

Feel free to contact me by PM or posting a reply.  Please help me give these games a new home!

Selling off some of the games in my closet I don't play to clear out some space for new additions.  Proceeds will help go to fundraising efforts for my Play With Your Food team, Test Gamers Please Ignore.  Located in Northwest Regina.

$85 - Mage Knight Board Game with The Lost Legion expansion:
Near mint, awesome game but I just don't have time to get it on the table with a new child in the house

$20 - Tiny Epic Defenders Kickstarter Deluxe 1st Edition
Mint, includes all Kickstarter stretch goals

$25 - Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Punishing One expansion:
Near mint, complete in box.  Only used twice to win store & regional championship tourneys

$20 - Ivanhoe - The Age of Chivalry
New in shrink, came with the Twilight Struggle Collectors Edition I kickstarted

$10 - Mu & Lots More
New in shrink, won this game as a door prize at a convention

$3 - White Elephant: The Card Game

$3 - Mad Gab
Very good condition, its the 1996 edition

$3 - Beyond Balderdash
Very good condition, its the 1993 edition

$3 - Cranium
Good condition but needs Play-doh

$1 - Dirty Minds: The Game of Naughty Clues
Good condition

$2 each or all 3 for $5 - Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery - House of Batiatus Legendary Gladiator Promo Cards
Acerbitas, Hadrianus & Magnetius

Various Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures upgrade cards
Please PM for specific cards

Hi everyone, I have for sale 1 X-Wing Miniatures Core Set as well as the Millennium Falcon and the YT-2400 (Outrider).  I still love playing X-Wing, but I'm looking to make some room in my storage containers for additional ships from the new waves. 

SOLD - $35 - X-Wing Miniatures Core Set (used):  Complete set that comes with 1 X-Wing model, 2 Tie Fighter models, ship bases & pegs, dice, maneuver templates, ship dials, ship tokens, asteroids, pilot and upgrade cards, original tokens + MANY, MANY extra tokens I've collected from ship expansions and don't need

SOLD - $25 - Millennium Falcon Ship Expansion Pack (used): Complete set that comes with 1 YT-1300 model (Millennium Falcon), 1 large ship base & pegs,  pilot and upgrade cards and original tokens.  Basically everything except the box.

$30 - YT-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack (new in shrink): Complete, never opened set that comes with 1 YT-2400 model (the Outrider), 1 large ship base & pegs, pilot and upgrade cards, debris fields, and tokens

If interested, please send me a PM or email at  I am located in Regina.


Hi, for sale for Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery I have 3 of the Promo House of Batiatus Legendary Gladiator Cards.  They are Acerbitas, Magnetius, and Hadrianus.  Each of them are extremely powerful and make a good match for the best gladiators in the base game, Spartacus & Gannicus.  The cards are in mint conditon.  I am selling them for $3 each or $8 for all 3.  Please PM me if interested.

Atk: 4  Def: 2  Spd: 5    Special:  DEFT - Opponent's weapon card is negated when fighting Acerbitas

Atk: 4  Def: 5  Spd: 3    Special:   BREAKER - Opponent's armor card is negated when fighting Hadrianus

Atk: 5  Def: 4  Spd: 3     Special:   PUNISHING - When attacking, "6's" win ties

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