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Marketplace / FOR SALE: Acrylic overlay for Terra Mystica
« on: December 29, 2020, 04:44:42 PM »
Hello! I have one e-Raptor acrylic player board overlay for Terra Mystica for sale.

$15. Final offer. Brand new, pre-assembled, comes with extra hardware as included from e-Raptor.

I am located in Regina.

Edit: some people have asked about the price. These are expensive overlays, and with shipping to Canada from a number of sites you’re looking at $25-35 average. They’re excellent, though. I bought one to test but the pieces in my copy of Terra Mystica are not all uniform and some don’t fit. This is not a fault of the overlay, as I can now see that some of my cylindrical pieces are defective and oblong.


I've recently had some custom dice made by Chessex for Dead of Winter and have extras due to the minimum order size. If you own either Dead of Winter, or DoW: The Long Night, you may be interested in these. They’re to roll for noise when adding zombies.

I’m just trying to recoup my costs here and am selling a set of four for $15 (They were $3.87 per die). I live in the south end of Regina.

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