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Archive of Play with Your Food / Baseball Highlights 2045 Fundraiser
« on: September 25, 2018, 07:52:15 AM »
Like to play games? Like Baseball? Well this is your lucky day!
The Giant Pygmies of Beckles and Meeple Syrup are running a tournament October 6th, 12 - 4 at the Board Game Bistro on Park street
Entry is $20/person playing on teams of 2
You will get 3 games guaranteed and the chance to win games and an open prize for a catered baby back rib dinner with Pile O' Bones beer.

PM or email Murray at


Hello MegaGames friends!
We have confirmed a venue and a date for the 2018 version of the MegaGame!
May 12th at the German Club.
Remember tickets go on sale March 4th at 8:30 AM - teams of 3, one ticket/team. Please play close attention to the requirements on the Eventbrite ticket page - hope to see 42 enthusiastic players on May 12!

Archive of Marketplace Items / Time to make some space!
« on: October 14, 2017, 07:53:48 PM »
    A few games that are just sitting around or have never been played
    • Shadows over Camelot $35
    • Neuroshima Hex $25
    • Ars Victor $30
    • Galactic Arena $30
    • 7 Wonders base game $25
    • Ashes with 2 expansions $45
    • Sheriff of Nottingham $25
    • Nuns on the Run $15
  • Five Tribes, never played $35
  • Smog - On Her Majesty's Service $35
  • MIce & Mystics $50

The day is booked Oct 14, 2017 from 12-5 in the bar of the Royal Canadian Legion on Scarth St.
12 people required
Entry fee is $20
Prize will be a catered, smoked pulled pork dinner from Reid's Atisinal Butchery with 2 growlers of excellent Pile O' Bones beer

Please add you name to a reply if you are interested

The Giant Pygmies of Beckles will be running board game fundraiser September 16th at The Artful Dodger between 1 and 5 PM

Teams of 2 will complete against other teams in various racing type games [Snow Tails, Turfmaster, Flamme Rouge. etc] for an awesome prize of a catered smoked pulled pork dinner [meat donated by Reid's Artisanal Butchery] and 2 growlers of local craft beer [donated by Pile O' Bones Brewery].

Cost is $20/person. I would prefer teams of 2 enter, but if you are a single I can match you up as well

PM me or email at to register or for any questions

Archive of Marketplace Items / Time to move some games!
« on: April 03, 2017, 10:07:14 AM »
I have the following for sale
  • Arctic Scavengers Base Game +HQ + Recon $25
  • MidEvil Deluxe $15
  • Spector Ops $25
  • Ticket to Ride Original, played once $30
  • Ticket to Ride: Europe, never played - opened but still in shrink $45[/li]
    • Pandemic: The Cure $20
    • Pandemic: Contagion $15
    • La Isla $20

    PM or post if interested. I can deliver to Chewsday or Games on Tap

Archive of Play with Your Food / PWYF Silent Auction
« on: March 14, 2017, 12:27:10 PM »
Hi everyone
Last year the silent auction was a huge success raising around $1600 for Souls Harbour.
We would like to ask our fantastic teams and SaskGames members to consider donations of your gently used games that just aren't getting played anymore or you have decided not to keep to make room for new games!

I am always seeing game sales in the Marketplace so maybe consider donation one or 2 to a great cause this year!

You can post anything you would like to donate on this thread and we will arrange to get your donation at your convenience.

Thanks for helping us raise funds for this worthwhile event!

 :scrab-c :scrab-a :scrab-n :scrab-c :scrab-e :scrab-l :scrab-l :scrab-e :scrab-d

Due to zero ticket sales this event has been cancelled.

Archive of Play with Your Food / A second MegaGame in 2016!!
« on: June 27, 2016, 10:47:11 AM »
This is an announcement to let everyone know the facility has been booked for second MegaGame on September 10th!
Registration will take place in early July so we will post the information soon.

This will be the same MegaGame as the last one so we would like to ask all those who participated in the last one to please not enter initially as we would like to give an opportunity to those who could not get in last time and also to expose to new people who have never had a chance to play and have heard the buzz about MegaGames!

If you participated in the last one and would like to be a part of the Control team this time, please indicate and we will get in touch with you as we would like to expand our control team for future MegaGames!

Stay tuned!!


Archive of Play with Your Food / Urban Nightmare - my recap
« on: May 19, 2016, 01:31:22 PM »
Urban Nightmare - the recap
Wow - what a day we had! 36 game players, 13 control, various members of the public walking in and wondering what the hell was going on and the amazing staff and ownership of The Artful Dodger - all made for one crazy, exhausting, exhilarating day!

And yes, that was real heart and tongue in the lunch menu!!!

We started at 8:00 [control] and enjoyed the little bit of quiet before the teams arrived. We got off to what felt like a slow start at 9:30, everyone kinda quietly feeling the game out. We gave the initial 3 turns an extra 10 mins each to make it easier to get into the game before the 20 min turns hit!

After that - everything became a blur!!!  EMS and Police running all over the place, the panic meter rising every turn, the Mayor and Governor pushing their agendas, the military chomping at the bit to blow something up, Neurotech up to something every turn!  The media running everywhere to get a story, get the newspaper out, do interviews, Tweet - they did a masterful job of writing a great hourly paper and generally making stories that got everyone engaged.

Finally we had marshall law, the governor had basically told the Mayor he was incompetent and he was bringing in the big guns!!

The mayor was not happy and everyone knew something was going to happen!

The national guard went full militia and bombed District 9 [for all you movie lovers] killing zombies, citizens and emergency services crew in one blow!

Meanwhile Neurotech tried a “calming gas” on the zombies which had no effect other than to make the police docile and then eaten!!!

In an epic finish the Mayor and his team along with a rogue member of the media went on the hunt to kill the “pardoned” Neurotech officials who were holed up with the Governor.

Unbeknownst to them the Governor had got word of the raid and had surrounded himself with commandos who took the Mayor and his team out in a one-sided firefight!

So in the end some were saved, some died but the real winner was Souls Harbour with over $2000 raised [thanks in part to a very generous donation of $500 from one of the players!] and all the teams and control having a great day. Can’t wait to get the next one up for pre-sale - watch this space for news!!!

Thanks to the amazing control team who went above and beyond before, after and during the event to make this a great day for the teams.  SaskGames has great people and these guys are the cream of the crop!!!

And a huge thank you to the teams for being so engaged! The costumes were fantastic and the immersion in the game was a thing of beauty! You guys make the day fun for us and I hope all of you enjoyed as much as I did - and thanks for your contributions to Souls Harbour, they appreciate it!


Archive of Play with Your Food / Urban Nightmare discussion
« on: March 30, 2016, 07:44:52 AM »
Just wanted to get this out there so people can start planning. The date of the MegaGame will be May 14 9:00 to 5:00 at The Artful Dodger.
9 teams of 4 will be playing in this Play With Your Food event to raise money for Souls Harbour. (Details now available HERE)

The game details will be announced when tickets go on sale - control is working hard to get the rules in place and it is going to be a very fun and interesting day.

Last year the event sold out in 12 hours or less so if you are thinking about getting a team together start thinking about planning to be at this event. If you are an individual looking to join or form a team, post in this thread so people can see that you are interested.

Tickets will go on sale the week after the O'Hanlon's fundraiser and the exact date, time and link will be posted here and announced at CC and O'Hanlon's.

If you are wondering why there are no details on exactly what the game is that is so we can keep people from doing too much research prior to the event and spoiling it. Teams will receive a package with their roles and instructions about 10 days before the event so plan to get together to formulate your strategy.
It will be a fun, exhilarating day raising money for Souls Harbour!

Archive of Play with Your Food / Book sale fundraiser!
« on: March 21, 2016, 07:12:47 AM »
Hi there - I am looking to sell off my collection of books, mostly hardcovers, to raise money for my team the Giant Pygmies of Beckles.
There is a lot of Stephen King, Harry Turtledove, Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks and some Ken Follett and a few others.

$2 each and I can deliver to an upcoming Chewsday Challenge or Games on Tap

Thanks for your consideration - please click the link below to see the titles!

prairieguy [Murray Bennett]

My team, the Giant Pygmies of Beckles, will be hosting a Baseball Highlights 2045 tournament February 21 at The Artful Dodger from 12 - 4.
Teams of 2 are welcome to enter with an entry fee of $20/person. The winner of the tournament will take home $100 and there will be other opportunities to win some cash.
No knowledge of the game is required as we can teach it pretty quickly, check out the game at
Baseball Highlights 2045
Teams are guaranteed 3 games.
Come and raise some money for Souls Harbour, have some food and drinks and a fun Sunday afternoon!
Contact me, Murray Bennett [prairieguy] through PM or email me at with any questions and see attached file

Archive of Play with Your Food / Play With Your Food 2016
« on: January 13, 2016, 09:09:23 AM »
It is a new year and with that planning begins for the 2016 Play With Your Food event.

I can't share anything with you right now other than we are waiting on a couple things:
- The Roughrider schedule as we want to avoid the parking nightmare from last year
- Souls Harbour event schedule in relation to available dates based on the point above

Hopefully the schedule will be out by March and we can lock down a date

Look forward to a new web page up in the next month and registration for the event to begin in March. This year we will be expanding the amount of people who can attend and we will set that number and our goals in February.

As far as team fundraising goes, it is never to early to start!  We have one team already busy and more events will be coming soon!

More information to come!

Are you a Rider fan? Do you like Beer and pulled pork? Do you like supporting Play With Your Food?

If you are going to the season opener Saturday June 27th vs. Winnipeg maybe you would like to have some awesome beer provided by Black Bridge Brewery and the Regina Ales club as well as some delicious smoked pulled pork.

Check the attached pdf for details and PM with any questions or if you are interested in attending!

[attachment deleted by admin]

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