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I'm not familiar with wraiths, but a pistol only counts as a single combat weapon - you need another form of one-handed, non-specialist close combat weapon to get the +1 attack.  It may not be listed as a "close combat weapon" specifically - tyranids have pairs of claws for example.

Archive of Leagues / Re: Warhammer Fantasy Winter League 2014-15
« on: October 29, 2014, 01:36:11 PM »
Count me in with my Ogres.  My Wood Elves and Vampires still need a lot of work before I want to field them.  Either PM me on here or txt at 306-529-5706.

Make sure to bring a dragon Aaron Cannon Chris!

Sounds like a plan!  :lol

If we don't hit 8 people for the tournament (which we haven't yet) then I will be playing in it.  If I don't end up playing, I still expect to be pretty busy answering questions etc during the tournament since the new edition is still pretty fresh.  Sounds like we'll have to find another time to get a game in, sorry :(

Lareina and I may bring our fantasy stuff to have a game in the morning, then I'll be running the 40k tournament in the afternoon.  Depending how tired we are and if anyone else is there we may be down for games after supper.  I'm not guaranteeing anything though, she may have already made other plans for us.  :lol

Agreed that this should not be used until the next league, but we may see even more changes by then - perhaps even a new edition?  GW seems to be pumping out rules like crazy!   :excited

I have absolutely no idea how any of my armies would deal with a list that abused this new system though... double demon princes comes to mind... 

On the plus side, I'd look forward to finally being able to fit both a Slaughtermaster and a Tyrant if I wanted.  I'm always tempted to fit in a tyrant, but playing without a level 3 or 4 wizard just doesn't seem reasonable when there are so many spells that make Ogres die in droves.

Played a rival match against Nathan's goblins Sunday night at my place, and boy was it ever a rivalry! 

We rolled a regular battle line but the goblins had tricks up their sleeves from the start and my stonehorn had to start the battle in reserve.  Goblins went first, and the giant arachnarok raced forwards to threaten my thundertusk's flank.  Mushrooms kept anything from happening in the magic phase but didn't hurt the mages.  One spear-chukka decided to wreck itself, and the other did 2 wounds to my ironguts.  Ogres moved up towards Nathan's general's squad, accepting the fact that a flank charge from the spider was inevitable.  The stonehorn showed up behind it, hoping the thundertusk would hold long enough for it to come in and help.  The leadbelchers and slaughtermaster moved into a building.  Magic phase I placed a comet token down near the General's squad and some trolls.  Leadbelchers shot at another goblin squad, killing a few.

The spider charged my thundertusk's flank while the other goblins moved up, just out of range for the fanatics to come out.  Magic phase the comet fell, killing a bunch of goblins and dealing several wounds to the trolls... whose regeneration saved all but 1 wound.  Shooting saw a few more wounds on my ironguts.  Combat, the spider and thundertusk wounded each other once, but with a charge, flank, and hill bonus I needed a 4 to hold, which I got thanks to the nearby BSB's re-roll.  Ogre turn the stonehorn ogre-charged into the spider's rear for 3d3+3 impact hits!  The ironguts charged through 3 fanatics into the goblins, and Nathan rolled phenominally, killing almost 2 full ranks!  Magic Nathan scrolled my comet, having seen the destruction it could cause.  The leadbelchers continued to widdle away at their goblin squad.  Ogres won combat against the goblins, but they were stubborn and held.  The stonehorn flattened the spider from behind.

The rest of the game, Nathan's trolls joined the ogre combat in the flank, which was enough to finish it off.  Then they moved on toward the thundertusk and stonehorn, beating them both in combat.  Nathan's regen saves were amazing! ... until his fanatics decided to kill all but one of them after those combats.  A thunderbolt later finished the last one off.  Nathan's second spear-chukka misfired, being unable to shoot for 2 turns, and was destroyed by a thunderbolt on my last turn.  The slaughtermaster with leadbelchers were all that I had left, and they eventually succeeded in making the goblin squad with both Nathan's mages panic, and they wouldn't regroup until they were off the board.  The goblins with Nathan's lord tried to turn and get away, but the leadbelchers left the building in pursuit, firing at them and dropping 3 more comets on them.  My comet size rolls were perfect, catching them every time no matter where they ran and I was able to just barely finish them off on the last turn!

Neither of us could believe it.  At the end of turn 3 all I had left were my leadbelchers and lord, and all Nathan had lost was his spider and a spear-chukka.  By the end of turn 5 a goblin squad fled the table and the trolls had fallen victim to fanatics. On the last turn the lord and his goblin squad finally succumbed to comets for a would-be draw, and then a final thunderbolt finished Nathan's second spear-chukka to seal the victory by 20 points! (120 point difference in VPs overall)

It was by far the biggest come-back I've ever seen or experienced.  One of the reasons why I absolutely love Fantasy is that comebacks like this are even possible. 

Thanks Nathan for the fantastic game!

WOW... that's ridiculous.  I was curious how your interpretation was different even though you were quoting the exact same page as me.  Thanks for figuring that out Ty!

Tyler, you're correct about the charge distance.  However it's important to note that you only get ONE wheel of up to 90 degrees (page 20) during your movement to make contact during a charge.  You can't zig-zag (wheel one way around an obstacle and then back to face the enemy).  Once touching anywhere, they can wheel an unlimited distance to "close the door" and line up against the enemy.

As far as VP's, Maeson is correct.  A difference of 100 points is all you need for a victory.  Relevant quotes from the rulebook:
 page 143 under VICTORY CONDITIONS: "In order to win you must either wipe the opposing army out completely, or score at least 100 victory points more than your opponent"
 page 143 right after that: "if you score more than twice as many... you have achieved a crushing victory"
 page 143 too: "Any other result is a draw"
 page 420 has never been used and is actually just an example given if you want to create your own special scenarios, given by the chapter title "Creating your own Special Scenarios".  This is also reinforced by the quote on page 420 "For those seeking even greater clarity, a chart like this can help" (key word CAN, IF you decide to use a chart like it). 

The league and tournaments have always followed page 143 for determining victory points.  However if you and Jon both agree, I'm sure Lareina will score your game as a draw if you'd like.  It's always been up to the participating players to determine scenario (roll or default to battle line), terrain (magical or not), etc.

I'll be there Thursday after 5, guaranteed  :thumb-up (barring family emergencies, natural disasters, etc.).

I'll come by Thursday with my stuff after work in case nobody else comes to play you Tyler, but I've already got lots of games in this month so if anyone else comes that needs a game before the month's over I'll step aside.

Finally got a rival match in against Rob last night at my place.  Played blood and glory.  Rob went first and pelted me with shots - and blew up one of his cannons.  The pegasus hero flew to harass my mournfang.  The mournfang tried to charge Rob's fast cav but they fled - so I redirected to a volley gun but failed the charge.  The scraplauncher was within range and punished the fast cav for fleeing by declaring a charge to force them to flee further.  The ironguts also failed a long charge on the archers.

Rob's artillery blew up my mournfang, but his troops were backed up against a river without very far to go.  He cast a flame cage on my ironguts.  The ironguts tried an average charge on Rob's archer unit with Fire mage in it, but failed.  The cannon fired a grapeshot at the pegasus but missed.  The scraplauncher did an amazing 13 wounds to a big core block.

Rob kept pelting me with fire, doing 4/5 wounds on my scraplauncher and killing a few ironguts.  His pegasus charged and destroyed my cannon.  He got flame cage off again.  The ironguts tried yet another charge on the archers - this time needing a 5 on the dice... and failed again!  Scraplauncher fired and missed.

Rob focused all his fire on the ironguts, killing a few more - Rob got some squad buffs on his lord's unit but I dispelled the fire spells.  The ironguts finally made a charge into some core halberdiers.  Rob dispelled my +1 toughness but I got off trollguts for regen.  Scraplauncher missed again.  The ironguts killed all the halberdiers and restrained overrun to face Rob's main squad with general and lone banner.

Rob chose not to charge, opting to fire everything he had at me.  Thankfully I had regen on the right turn - I only took 6 wounds out of the 14 or so he would've caused with volley guns!  The ogres survived and charged in, killing the unit - but I forgot to allocate any attacks onto his Lord so once his squad's banner was defeated the army was at their breaking point and the game was over.  The Lord would've fled and would've been caught, but Blood and Glory ends immediately upon reaching your breaking point, so I don't believe I get points for the lord.

Rob destroyed 380 points of ogres, and I destroyed a cannon plus his core - so likely not enough for a massacre (we forgot to add up exact totals).  Regular victory for the ogres in their rival match.

Thanks for the game Rob!  Please correct me if I got anything wrong in the above report, or add to it from the Empire's perspective  :thumb-up.

Yup, dangerous terrain SUCKED that game.  Makes me really want to finish painting my gnoblars and try them out!
Mournfang rolled 6 dice (3 guys x2 checks for forest/venom thicket)... fail FOUR?!  They must like eating poison berries.  Scraplauncher failed TWICE and killed itself in the river?!  Stupid rhinox went to take a bath and wrecked the poorly-thrown-together chariot.

Lareina's Lord having a 1+/4++ against my BSB was able to hold the entire gutstar in place until her support could show up and slowly widdle me down.

Also, soulblight is stupidly good, and my dispel rolls failed me all game  :(.  Doomfire warlocks are gross too, able to lower stats and then either magic missile you to death or charge in with 2 poisoned attacks each!  Not getting trollguts for regen sucked too, but I've had a lot of luck lately so I deserved a thrashing.

Taking pictures of games is a fantastic idea Maeson - to help with remembering what happened, but also to submit to Comicreaders for their facebook page.  I always enjoy checking out the pics from tournaments - I'm sure they'd start up a league album for pics too.  I'll have to try and remember to take time during future games to take some pics - even though my current phone's camera sucks.

If it makes any difference my Grey Seer died to the Ironblaster that shouldn't have been firing that turn because it had misfired the turn THAT would have affected the game alot but once again oh well, I likely would have lost anyways, maybe not by a massacre though, even still that Gutstar unit is next to impossible for my army to deal with unless I can direct all my magic and shooting at it for a couple turns, which never happens when stuff can misfire.

Sorry Maeson, but the cannon didn't misfire until the turn AFTER killing your grey seer (when it tried but failed to shoot at your cannon again).  I remember because it's the only game my cannon has ever actually done something  :lol.  Turn 1 it did 1 wound to your cannon.  Turn 2 it killed your doomwheel.  Turn 3 it killed the grey seer.  Turn 4 is when it finally misfired and then you killed it with your poison scouts.

Rob - thanks for the rules clarification, I'll have to remember it for next time.  We knew that units couldn't march or charge, but the doomwheel wasn't trying to do either so we let it go.  Skaven seem to have so many rules that don't follow the big red book that I've given up trying to keep track of them all  :neener

Also, I won't be able to make it downtown on Wednesday for our game Rob.  I'll PM you in order to try and arrange another time before the month's over.

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