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Selling my Stormcast because i dont use them anymore and want to expand my deepkin army. Seller located in Regina, pickup prefered but will deliver in regina and close surrounding area. Army is fully built, most primed (gold on top of black; lightly primed) and some painted. unprimed will be marked with U.P below


Vandus Hammerhand/Lord celestant on dracoth
Lord - Aquilor
Lord- Arcanum on Gryph charger
Knight-Heraldor U.P
Lord-Ordinator U.P
Gavriel Sureheart
Neave Blacktalon U.P
Knight Incantor U.P
lord relictor


10x Liberators
11x Sequitors
15x Paladins ( Decimators, protectors and retributors 5 of each)
5x Vangaurd Hunters
3x Vangaurd Palladors
2x Dracothian Gaurd (fulminators)
3x Castigors U.P
3x Prosecutors with dual hammers
8x Evocators (5 with tempest blades 3 with grandstaves) U.P
2x Celestar Ballista and Crew
3x Gryph hounds unbuilt


Stormcast endless spells minus the everblaze comet

looking for 400 obo. Looking to sell as whole but will mildly piece it out (example: buy all soul wars, buy all vangaurd) Contact at 639-590-3945

august 26th 2018

Dustin G Stormcast vs Cam Legions of nagash
comic readers downtown
minor victory Dustin G stormcast
both armies finished but unpainted

finally the stormcast thirst for revenge has been quenched

dustin g stormcast vs justin skaven
major victory justin
both armies not painted

got stomped by the double trouble highland club dou Cam and Justin today, was not pretty!

ill be bringing my stormcast list to the highland sunday from 12:00pm -430ish (might stay longer if im in a game) looking for some opponents to play. Would like to rematch Cam but he threw a "maybe" my way. Message me on facebook not picky who my opponents are but i dont have the core rule book, do have the new battletome for stormcast though.

you could also throw me a text at 639-590-3945 as well   :pirate:

August 5th
dustin g (stormcast) vs Justin S (Pestilens)
Location: highland curling
Dustin G major objective win
all armies finished, both armies unpainted

jul 29th
Dustin G (stormcast) vs Colin L (Beastclaw Raiders)
dustin g unpainted
colin l unpainted
all models finished
major victory for dustin g
highland curling club

july 29th
dustin g (stormcast) vs cam (legions  of nagash)
dustin g painted
cam unpainted
all models finished
win cam minor victory
highland curling club

looking for an opponent for sunday at 1 pm, playing a game at 11 and had another planned for 1 but justin and I rescheduled. message me on facebook if you are interested in a game

Dustin G. Played two games on sunday july 22

First Game:
dustin g (stormcast) vs Justin S (clan moulder skaven i believe)
dustin G Painted
Justin S unpainted
Justin S helped teach me some basics for my first matched game
Win for Justin S
Major victory
Highland Curling Club
Basically got melted by some dudes throwing bottles of poison, wasnt pretty.

Game 2:
Dustin G (stormcast) vs Micheal P (tzeentch)
Both Players Painted
Micheal P assisted in some things like board setup and was patient as I took some time doing turns, also explained his army and moves well enough. Feel like I learned a lot
Both armies fully painted and finished
Win for Micheal P
Minor victory
Micheal P's house
Was looking like a land slide for me until a single spell and a lucky D3 roll opened up my objective for the turn 3 double cap victory for Micheal P

both games went as well as expected and helped me learn loads, appreciate all the help my first two opponents gave me. would be down for somemore games if anyone wanted to message me on here (might take a day or two to respond) or facebook messanger at for a more immediate response. Do have an upcoming game thursday july the 26th with Xander K's ironjawz. Would need to schedule a game at comic readers but dont know how

would love to join, rookie with SCE 940 points. no battletomes or anything. fully painted army with 1 exception being my lord relictor (dont want to paint him until ive gotten more painting experiance, would be fine with recieving a penalty)

name: Dustin Gettle
contact by facebook, believe we have already chatted

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