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Hey folks! It's that time of year again!

No Tooncon this year to get in your weekend of gaming? Have no fear! A mere 8.5 hours away in Edmonton you can join us for our fifth event! This year we have a focus on Western themed games, but of COURSE the staples of KEFCON remain, the hotness titles, and crunchy Euro goodness.

For more info check out Kefcon on Facebook,
or you can just go to warhorn and scoop out the schedule!

I know of a couple people who are making the pilgrimage just for the event, one from S'toon and one from Regina!

Any questions feel free to email me at, or shoot me a message on fb: Kafir Judas

Hey guys! I really enjoyed ToonCon, what a great event! All the organizers are awesome folks! I was there promoting our eventing hoping to draw some of our Neighbours to come visit in Edmonton for a weekend!
As no doubt you're looking for a weekend of gaming goodness in November. So look no further! Featuring a library of around 200 games, and currently we have 82 games scheduled that people can play and learn!

Right now we're sitting at 33 registrations and i'm hoping to beat our record of 60 people. This is our 2nd weekend event so i'm quite excited to get to meet new folks and see familiar faces.

You can learn more at
Early bird registration is 30 for the weekend, 15 For Friday, 20 for Saturday, and 15 for Sunday.
Or just go to our warhorn page:

Where you can register and see the schedule! We're also trying to do Edmonton's first Board Game Auction! Since the one at ToonCon is so popular!
Got games you want to throw in the auction? 2 bucks per game listed.

Great list of games!

If you want to add Edmonton and the date to your post title we can get it linked to the calendar.

Thanks! Modified.

Hi All! As a former Sask resident who loves board games I'd like to invite my homeland folk to this awesome board game event I organized. We got over 60 games scheduled, with titles like Scythe, CliniC, Blood Rage, and Food Chain Magnate to name a few. We got a games library of over 200 titles and of course 15 hours of gaming broken down into 6 time slots for you to choose from!

Admission for the day is 25 dollars, all proceeds go towards making our flagship 3 day event in November cheaper to attend!

For more info check out
Or to register and see the game schedule check out

Any questions just shoot us an email at

We're only like 5 hours away from S'toon! That's a small distance for such an opportunity!

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