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One of the best gaming experiences of my game-playing career. If you even remotely like Pandemic I'd encourage you to take Tamara up on her offer!

Please sign me up for Loro's 6 PM game. Gentres. Thanks

Sorry, Nikki it’s just a 4 player game so it’s full already.

Hi as  me and my team have worked two sales feel free to remove me from the June 22 sale and leave that for another team :)  I am always free to help in a pinch but want others to have an opportunity

The August date, Jill?

May 21 is not a Saturday.   Please check the day.

Fixed. Should have been Saturday, May 18th.

We've added at 2nd location and 5 more dates.

Hello, PWYF fundraisers!  We have added a 2nd location for hotdog sales which includes 5 additional dates  Please do not sign-up for these dates if you have already booked a shift at Save on Foods.

Could you please sign up Adam and Petra to the Ticket to Ride tournament. Thanks.

Please sign me up for the D&D 5 session at 12 with Desiree G.
:thumb-up  :thumb-up

I can do the Ticket to Ride Europe LTP, and it looks like there's still a need for a copy so I'll bring mine.

Thanks, Jesse!

I'd like to play in the TtR:E tournament if there's room. Can bring a copy as well if needed.

I've added you in - appreciate the extra copy!

Hello.   I can teach Sagrada from. 12-2.   I have one copy.

Thanks, Rosemarie - I've added your LTP to the schedule

Sign John and Nicole up for July 27th, Marshall, James and Duncan up for Aug 17th. (Jin-mu and the Mulligan Man)

That makes 5 people for Aug 17/19 so we'll have to gauge how busy the sales have been as to whether we need 5 there.

Hi I was wondering if anyone has teotihuacan and willing to teach one or possibly two players the game thanks

I could teach you Cory. I see you're booked in for some stuff already. Probably need 2.5 to 3 hours for this one so let me know if that works into your schedule somewhere.

We’re paid up and snagging June 22nd. Hotdogs and Meeple Syrup - Yum!

Please sign me up for Beasty Bar and Crusaders.  Thanks.

Zeker beat you to the last spots in both of those, Rosemarie.

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