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Anyone up for a game this week. I’m available Thursday to Sunday. I’d be happy to help teach some new players as well. Message me here, on Facebook, or at 3065307268.

I have decided to go with iron jawz.

I’d like to sign up as well.
Xander Kuderewko
Either iron jawz or daughters of khaine.

Xander K- Deathwatch 3065307268. I've been slacking need to get painting.

I too am unable to attend. Good luck to everyone else.

I am also interested in picking up some last minute games. Available Wednesday after 4 all day Thursday or Friday after 1. Send me a message or text 3065307268 if you want to get a game in.

I've got a game at 6:15 but I'm free any time between 12 and then.

I could do a game Wednesday evening or Thursday morning/afternoon if anyone is interested.

I will also be there if anyone needs a game.

If anyone still needs some games this week I finally have some time off work. I'm free for games any time after 2 this week or any time on Saturday/ Sunday.

Anyone interested in getting a game in this week? I'm free Tuesday afternoon or Thursday evening. send me a message or text at 306-530-7268.

I can be there as well.

Yes, please sign me up for Infinity. Still 2 spots available if anyone else looking to sign up.

Xander- Farsight Enclaves- 306-530-7268

Miniatures Games / Infinity 3.0 game group
« on: December 01, 2015, 02:21:19 AM »
For those of you who have not seen this on the sask war gamers page. I know a while back there was some interest in Infinity. If we were to start up an infinity night or gaming group would anyone be interested? I am willing to help teach and have lots of terrain if people want to try a game. Just looking to see how many people would be interested. For this not familiar with the game infinity is a small sktimish sized game rarely going over 10 models and the rules are available online for free. More info available at

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