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looking for games this weekend. up to 1500 pts.  306 533 1073

Hello.  I am looking for kill team games starting nov.5/18

I would like to sign up for the primer league.  Kingleir (Matthew Leir).

I would like to sign up for the AoS demo for two people.

I am taking a couple weeks off here to do a continuing education course for my license.  Will be back around the 20th looking for some games.

No psykers, so in that respect, I am all for it.

I guess last week wasn’t a good week.  This week I am Looking for 2000 point game Sunday 12:30-1:00ish.

Edit- got a game Saturday.
Edit- got a game thursday.

LFG wed. Mar7 5:30 onwards. Thu mar8 all day.  Sat mar.10 all day.  Sun mar.11 1pm onwards.

I am looking for games this week.  I can do mon,tue,wed, and fri after 5:15.  Thu, and Sat, all day.  Let me know by email, or text 3065331073

Got games wed. 5:30ish and thu. 4:30ish

Looking to book games thu feb.15 12-5(1500). Sat feb.17 (1500) @ 2:30ish.  Sun. Feb.18 all day.  Holiday Monday 12:30 onwards.

Well if nothing else I’ll play a second game with you, could def. use the practice.

Looking for games Thursday all day.

I am available thursday afternoon, we could get a game in before the x-wing crowd shows up?   Also looking for a game Wednesday evening.

I’m down for a Thursday evening game.  I am actually available all day Thursday if anyone wants to play earlier.

I just scheduled a game for wed. Eve. about an hour ago.  I’ll be at the store at 5:15, ruadhain (Mike) is going to try for 5:30 but closer to 6:00.  I haven’t played anything but first strike so far in 8th so I don’t know how long 1000pts will take.

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