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Archive of Marketplace Items / FOR SALE: Board Games
« on: October 01, 2014, 10:50:06 PM »
Hey leaving the country so getting funds raised so thought I would sell my old games

1. Legendary no expansions sadly $35
2.pandemic $ 25
3. Doctor who hologram chess $40 against humanity $20
5.get bit $10
6. Zombie dice $8
7. Xwing with extra pieces $40

Hey Foleydafrog here aka sean sullivan just confirming that I want to play in the warhammer 40k tordy.  Email you my list later but excited that my forgeworld are allowed. Please confirm no agious defense lines can be used as no fortifications and can the inquisitor count as allies or not since they don't use force 

Would also like to put my name in for the  warhammer 40k tordy name is supreme overlord also know as sean

Do we have to keep using our original army choice or can we change armies

Like confirm my acceptance of the tordy.  Love to play and bring my mighty space wolves

If your board come on down to comic readers today

Ok well ill be down Saturday kicking butt making names if anyone's keen for a game or two.

I would love a game or two this weekend if anyone's keen. I'm pretty sure Saturday ismagic day so maybe sSunday ! If that's alright by comic readers staff that is.  My list now has no forge world models as thay was a little over powered.

Hey there

I am looking for old spacewolves models. The one I really want are the old wolfin 13th league models. Anyone got any they are willing to part with let me know

Anyone want a game early I am not working today

Does anyone want a game today at 5 today ? Kind of have to be uptown at 8 so wanting to start no later than 530

The mighty mighty space wolves and there fairy rune lord are looking for a game on Thursday if anyone's keen be down round 430. Would love to try and get two in

Oh yeah ill take you on Casey around 2

Are you willing to sell the chaos warriors by them selves

Sean here I played twice last night with my space wolves. Unfortunately I am bad with names one was a Grey knights army painted and the other was a tyrainds army not painted (Halloween theme paint job.) Both awesome guys and fair sports even though the games didn't go there way. I won both comfortably.

Want a big thanks to both of them and thanks for an awesome night and rematch later

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