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Role Playing Games / Starfinder on roll 20
« on: April 07, 2020, 07:23:49 AM »
Hey guys Cory Heistad here I am currently the venture lieutenant for pathfinder/starfinder society in Saskatchewan usually we play sundays at comic readers but this virus  we are not right now. we are slowly transitioning to roll 20 to run games untill we can play at comic readers so if anyone is intrested in trying out starfinder you dont need a character to play you can use pregens if u want to just play and learn a awesome sci fi  role playing game  if intrested let me know by messaging me or by replying to this thread

Thanks Cory Heistad Venture Lieutenant Saskatchewan

Game Discussion / Re: 1882: Assiniboia
« on: April 03, 2020, 09:15:19 AM »
I might buy it I think that's awesome  I also thought it was a April's fool joke

I am intrested will pay cash

Can I add two for the afternoon Pathfinder game.  And are we allowed to bring our own characters?  I wasn't sure if this is part of their shared universe system or not?

Dave W
Garth W
Hi so the afternoon game is  a pregenerated special so only level 5 pregens will be available 

Unfortunately I can not make it out tonight I have to help my cousin move

GAME: watergate
TEACHER: cordawg
DURATION: your best time estimate in minutes (account for teaching time) 45 to 60 mins
URL: Copy and paste the URL fromBoard Game Geek here

We can play multiple  times if multiple people are intrested 

Sign me up for container

Going to throw this out as games I want to play I will be there at 5pm 
Brass Birmingham
Railways of the world
Valley of the kings
Through the ages
Dinosaur island
One night werewolf

I'll play some legendary

I'll play terraforming mars

Just a fyi there will be no pathfinder first ed due to gm cannot make it

Just updated the Game Designer's Corner with several different games from four Saskatchewan designers - including my own design First Past the Post, which seems appropriate to revive this fall. Check them out here!

I need to verify when Pathfinder 2e is being run, but if I'm free put me down for First Past the Post.
We will be running 2nd ed demos and quest basically all day when we have 4 players we will start

:excited :scrab-g :scrab-a :scrab-m :scrab-e :scrab-blank :scrab-s :scrab-c :scrab-h :scrab-e :scrab-d :scrab-u :scrab-l :scrab-i :scrab-n :scrab-g  :excited

We will be hosting an area at PGX devoted to role-playing games. If you would like to run a RPG event please let us know. Past games have included Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, 3 6 9 & more!

Watch this space. Pathfinder 1st & 2nd edition, and Starfinder games coming your way.

If there is a game of Pathfinder 2nd edition, Shadowrun 6th, or Earthdawn I'm interested in attending.
I'm running the 2nd ed demo basically 1 hour long scenario with pregenerated characters if u dont want to play as a pregen I'm doing character creation   before each session

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