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Title: Dragon Ball Super Sealed Tournament: ComicReaders Downtown: Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019
Post by: ChadBoudreau on November 26, 2019, 12:10:51 PM

ComicReaders Downtown is hosting a Dragon Ball Super Sealed tournament, using pre-release kits for Series 8, which we received too late for an actual pre-release event. Sealed is a format where multiple players take unopened packs, open them, and make decks out of the cards they get from those packs. Players then play each other with those decks.

This event supports a maximum of 16 players.

Each player pays the $30 entry fee (which includes taxes). Each player receives one Series 8 pre-release kit and then use the contents of that kit to make a deck, using the following guidelines:

- Decks consist of one Leader card and 40 non-Leader cards.
- The limitation that only allows up to four copies of a single card does not apply.
- Any cards you do not use to make your deck are considered part of your side deck.
- Leader cards can also be used in your side deck.
- As a special rule, in addition to any cards opened in packs, players can also include up to seven copies of the following cards in their decks:
・BT5-117 Dragon Ball
・TB3-067 Porunga's Dragon Ball
- Promotional cards with pre-release set can be used the ways cards opened in booster can.

When doing Sealed play, we recommend that each player brings spare Leader Cards with them. (Said Leader Cards should be limited only to those that are legal for
tournament play.) If a player isn't able to draw a Leader Card from their packs, that player provides proof to the other players that they have no Leader Cards, and then they can use one of the spare Leader Cards. However, if a player has a Leader Card in their pool they MUST use that Leader Card and can't use any of the spare Leader Cards.

You don’t lose if you run out of cards in your main deck. Simply take the cards in your Drop Area and Warp and shuffle them back into your deck.

We will run a Swiss style tournament.

We need a minimum 4 players to run this event.

The winner of the event receives A Dragon Ball Super Malicious Machinations playmat.


Sunday, December 1, 2019
12:30 pm start time

Venue Information: Click Here (


Chad Boudreau

This event supports 4 to 16 players.

$30 entry fee.
Each player receives one Series 8 pre-release kit and uses its contents to build a deck, using the guidelines above.
Allow 35 minutes for deck building.
Run the event in the DBS event reporter, but you won't be able to submit the results.
The winner receives the Malicious Machinations playmat.
Do NOT sell leftover kits.