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Title: Small Batch of Games For Sale (or Trade)
Post by: Bellis on June 06, 2019, 03:54:30 PM
The following games are still in shrink wrap (new):
1001 - $12
Baseball Challenge - $20
Dragonwood - $12
Kings & Things - $30  (Z-Man Games second edition)
Seven Seals - $7 (several copies available - although this is the French edition of the classic Stefan Dorra card game that has
                          had many iterations, such as Die Sieben Siegel, Wizard Extreme and Slough Off, English rules are included)
Sherco's Grand Slam Baseball Game - $20

The following games have been played but are in excellent condition:
Delve - $20
King of the Beasts - $5

If you are averse to spending money but have some game titles you would like to trade, I encourage you to send me your list, and we can go from there. Please post here or contact me via e-mail if any items interest you. Thanks!