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Title: MTG: Ravnica Allegiance PreRelease: ComicReaders Downtown: Sat. January 19
Post by: Lareina on January 02, 2019, 02:42:00 PM
Ravnica Allegiance PreRelease *Magic: The Gathering*

The Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease gives players their first opportunity to play with Ravnica Allegiance cards. 

Please note: There is a 64 player limit per event for the first 2 events, 3rd event is dependant on how many kits are leftover from the first 2 events.

We are also doing Pre-Registration for this, please phone the store to get your spot guaranteed!

Each PreRelease event will end after 4 Rounds, regardless of the number of players involved. This helps prevent player burnout, but also allows us to set a schedule for each pre-release event. That said, there are other factors that influence the length of a prerelease event. Therefore, the schedule you see below is tentative and is subject to change.

Saturday, January 19, 2019
First Event
Registration: 9:00am
Build: 9:30am
First Round: 10:15am
Ends: 2:00pm (approximately)

Second Event (The start time for the second event may be pushed back by 15 minutes or so due to overtime in rounds)
Registration: 2:00pm
Build: 2:30pm
First Round: 3:00pm
Ends: 7:00pm (approximately)

Third Event
Registration: TBD
Build: TBD
First Round: TBD
Ends: TBD

Venue Information:Click Here (

$30 (taxes included)

1 pack per win, but additional 2 packs will be given to players that go 4-0

Chad Boudreau

64 Player limit for the 1st and 2nd event. 3rd Event limited based on leftovers from the other 2 events.

Ask your questions on the forum or give us a call (779-0900) and we will endeavour to answer in a timely fashion.