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Title: X-Wing Night: ComicReaders Downtown: June 2018
Post by: ChadBoudreau on June 03, 2018, 09:33:02 PM
X-Wing Night - June 2018 Schedule

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, the X-Wing Miniatures Game recreates exciting Star Wars space combat throughout its several included scenarios. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers, and complete your mission!

This is a chance to meet other players, engage in tournament style games, or simply drop-in for a look at this Star Wars themed miniatures game.


1. You will play each opponent a best of 3 series in each League round. 75 min round max. (Please time your own games.)
2. You play each opponent once per League round.
3. Winning a round (best of 3) gets you 3 points if your margin of victory (MOV) is 180+, 2 points for MOV between 179-120, and 1 point for MOV 119 or less. No point awarded for a loss (even if you win 1 of the 3 games in the round).
4. You may use any faction, but your list cannot change within a round (best of 3 series).
5. No proxies
6. Must have actual X-Wing cards. (No home brew versions, although official promo cards are fine.)
7. Be a good sport, good language, and remember we share the gaming space.
8. Report all your games on the Facebook group: (
9. League games can only occur on League nights (but always play as much X-Wing as possible).

Thursday nights for the month of June 2018.
6pm - 9pm

Venue Information: Click Here (


Shawn M

There is no seating limit for this event.

If you have questions, respond to this thread.
Pre-registration is NOT required.
There is typically space available for other gaming during X-Wing.