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Title: Pokemon TCG "Theme Deck" Tournament - May 19 @ 12:45
Post by: dragonsdengames on May 09, 2018, 04:12:14 PM
Pokemon TCG "Theme Deck" Tournament

This will be our first ever theme deck tournament from 1-6. What this means you will have to purchase a theme deck and one booster pack to enter this event. Dragon's Den will be selling theme decks to us at a discount. Any theme deck is allowed as long as it’s expanded. All theme decks must be new and unopened.

Please be at the Den by 12:45 to help move things along quicker.

We are only going to allow 20 people max. to enter this tournament.

Saturday, May 19th - 12:45 PM

Dragon's Den Games - Saskatoon

One Pokemon Theme Deck & One Booster Pack

Sully - Facebook group page: Saskatoon Pokemon TCG