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Title: Dragon Ball Super Tournament: ComicReaders Downtown: Saturday, May 19, 2018
Post by: ChadBoudreau on May 01, 2018, 10:49:13 AM
Dragon Ball Super Cross Worlds Tournament


ComicReaders Downtown is holding a Dragon Ball Super Card Game tournament! This tournament is intended for new and experienced players. Players will need their own decks to take part in the tournament.


A MINIMUM OF 6 PLAYERS IS REQUIRED FOR THIS TOURNAMENT TO RUN. If we do not get a minimum of 6 players the tournament will be rescheduled. No entry fees will be taken and no participation prizes will be given if the tournament does not run.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Tournaments are conducted using Swiss rules.

Matches are played best-of-three games. The first player to win two games within the match is the winner. The player who loses the first game can choose to go first during the second game.

Each match (which could have up to 3 games) has a time limit of 60 minutes. A timer will be used to track time. If the match is not finished at the 60 minute mark, the following will be used to determine the final turn of the game:
- If it's currently the turn of the player who went second, the game will end at the end of the current turn.
- If it's currently the turn of the player who went first, the game will end end at the end of the next turn.
- If neither player wins the game by the end of the final turn, the game is declared a draw.

Players are awarded points based on the outcome of each match (not game).
Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss: 0 points
Players who win by default are awarded 3 points.

For the first match, players are paired with each other at random. For the second match and on players are paired against players with similar point totals, where possible.

The number of matches played is dependent upon the number of players:
4 -8 players: 3 matches
9-16 players: 4 matches
At the end of the allotted matches, points are totalled and tournament standings are determined. Prizes are given based on tournament standings. If there is a tie, players will play another match to break the tie.

Players will report their win-loss to ComicReaders staff. ComicReaders staff will do the pairings. ComicReaders staff will calculate the results and will hand out the prizes.

Prize Structure
1st Place: 4 Official Tournament Pack vol 3 + one Dragon Ball Super playmat of the player's choosing
2nd Place: 2 Official Tournament Pack vol 3 + the remaining Dragon Ball Super playmat
3rd Place: 2 Official Tournament Pack vol 3

One Official Tournament Pack vol 3 will be awarded randomly to one of the players that did not place in the Top 3.

Each participant will receive one Official Tournament Pack vol. 3. You must play in (or judge) the tournament in order to receive the Official Tournament Pack vol. 3. (Any leftover tournament packs will be kept by ComicReaders to be used in future events.)

Dropping / Leaving the Tournament

Players may drop out of the tournament midway. Players are allowed to drop out following the end of their currently assigned match.

If a player chooses to drop out, they must inform ComicReaders staff of their decision by the end of the current match. Dropping out without informing ComicReaders staff is not allowed and may result in temporary suspension from future tournament play.

Players who drop out of a tournament midway are not included in future matchmaking and are not assigned a final placing.

Players who are late to their assigned match and fail to inform the ComicReaders staff by the time the match ends may be disqualified from the tournament.

Deck Rules

A valid tournament deck contains the following number of cards:
Leader Card: 1 card
Deck: 50 cards
Side Deck: 0-15 cards

- The deck and side deck must contain only Battle Cards and Extra Cards.
- Decks cannot contain more or less than 50 cards. Side decks cannot contain more than 15 cards.
- Decks and side decks may contain a maximum of four copies of a card with the same card
- Players are allowed to swap cards between their deck and side deck after the end of the first game of a match. You may not have more or less cards in your deck than the number you started with at the beginning of the match (i.e. must have 50 cards).
- You must return your deck to its original state at the end of a match where you swapped cards to and from your side deck.

Players must use card sleeves. Sleeves that differ in size, color and pattern, conceal card faces, have markings or damage that allow them to be distinguished from other sleeved cards, or are heavy enough to impair shuffling are prohibited. Double-sleeve is allowed. You may choose not to use a sleeve for your Leader Card.


Saturday, May 19, 2018
12pm - 5:30pm

Venue Information: Click Here (

$5 (tax included)

Chad Boudreau / Adam Boss

The official tournament kit supports a maximum of 16 players.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is the newest iteration of the Dragon Ball license applied to a collectable card game. While borrowing some basic terms and ideas from previous versions of the game, DBS introduces a number of new mechanics including a unique "combo" system, cards used for multiple purposes (energy, combos and characters) and a system designed to emulate the tendency of Dragon Ball characters to "power up" after taking damage.

Players of Dragon Ball Super Card Game use Facebook (Dragon Ball Super TCG - Regina ( to discuss the game.