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Title: Magic (Friday - Standard): ComicReaders Downtown: Schedule for December 2017
Post by: Lareina on November 29, 2017, 12:37:08 PM
Friday Night Magic *Magic: The Gathering*

For information on the Friday Night Magic promotion please Click Here ( The store only has 8 promos to give out every week, if there are more than 8 players, then promos will go to the Top 4 records with the rest of the promos randomly distributed to the remaining player pool.

The format for FNM at ComicReaders will be both Standard and Modern (

Play begins for Standard at 6pm. We will now run 4 rounds as a maximum even if we have more than 16 players.

Players with a winning record will receive packs of the latest Magic release as prizes. We will now be using a structured payout system.

4 wins will payout 8 packs
3 wins 1 draw will payout 6 packs
3 wins will payout 4 packs
2 wins 1 draw will payout 2 packs
2 wins 1 draw will payout 3 packs (only if there are 3 rounds)
2 wins will payout 2 packs (only if there are 3 rounds)

Alternatively, we are now offering store credit towards MTG singles, for every pack a player wins, they can opt to take $2 per pack as credit instead of receiving packs.

FNM Standard starts at 6pm
December 1
December 8
December 15
December 22
December 29

Store closes to the public at 9pm but stays open for the players until FNM is over.

Venue Information: Click Here (


Lareina Chan / Justin Brown

No limit on seating for this event.

There is no gaming space available for other games during FNM.