Guild Ball "Mayhem" Miniatures Tournament - May 12 @ 10:00am

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Guild Ball "Mayhem" Miniatures Tournament

The Regional Cup format is used for competitive and Championship level Tournaments.

Tournament Length: Regional Cup Tournaments run until a Player has more Tournament Points than any other Player at the end of a round. Please use the table below to determine how many rounds are usually required to determine a winner:

Number of Players Rounds:
9 to 16 4-round event
17 to 32 5-round event
33 to 64 6-round event
65 to 128 7-round event

Win Condition: Games are played to a [12] VP win condition.

Roster Size: To create a roster, a Player chooses a Guild and selects 10 models that may play for that Guild. This roster must consist of 1-2 [Captain] models, 1-2 [Mascot] models, and 4-8 Team Member models that play for the selected Guild. Players may select both an original and a Veteran version of a single named model in their 10 model rosters. Players that did not choose the Union as their Guild may only select a single eligible Union model for their roster.

Match Roster Selection: At Step D of the Pre-Match Sequence, both Players roll a die, rerolling any tied results. The winner chooses to either be the ‘Kicking Player’ or the ‘Receiving Player’. Once the winner has been chosen, proceed with the following steps:

• The Receiving Player selects a model from their roster to
be in the match and places the model’s card on the table.
• The Kicking Player selects a model from their roster to
be in the match and place the model’s card on the table.

These steps are repeated until both Players have 6 models on the table selected for the match. Remember that only one version of a single named model may be selected for
each team. After this, proceed from Step F of the Pre-Match Sequence.

Timing: Chess Clocks should be set to 45 minutes per Player. Admin/Clocked Out time is 20 minutes total with clockout Players being allowed 1 minute activations. Round Length is 110 minutes total.

Guild Ball is produced by a company called Steamforged -  For more information please contact Jeff!

Saturday, May 12th - 10:00 AM

Dragon's Den Games - Saskatoon

$15.00 per player

Jeff McNary -
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