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I'm moving them to the third post in the thread as I am notified (or see them posted). And yes, I agree that it is getting long, so we need some help to make it shorter!  :)

It's time for a treat of trick-taking games just before Halloween! I'm looking forward to learning (and teaching) Tichu better and to teaching two of my favourites, Kaiser and Rook. We'll play 6-8 hands of each game, which will probably take around 45 minutes for each. I decided to post them together because that way we're not stuck on times as much - plus these kinds of games are even more enjoyable when you know the other players a little better.

GAME: Trick-taking trio: Tichu, Kaiser, and Rook
TEACHER: lifeofturner
DURATION: 2.5 hours

Still in for Food Truck Champion, though.

Not sure if I'll make it out or not. Might be a bit later - perhaps around 7:30 - if I do. I'll bring a couple of options - Castles of Burgundy maybe?

The Game Designer's Corner is going to be really exciting at this PGX! In addition to the two other designers, Ferne Hebig from Watson is coming back to PGX with her newest creation, The New World Order. Here's the description from Ferne:

The New World Order: Ages 12+, 2-4 Players, roughly 60 minutes

Years after the great war they call “the apocalypse”  has ended, humans and aliens have been forced to coexist. You are conflicted souls, a ragtag group of unlikely heroes trying to find your place in  The New World Order. This entertaining family game will have you testing your Faith in Humanity against the Apocalypse effect!  Choose alien, human or hybrid characters, select a mission, work to collect resources, increase your character’s stats, and purchase the upgraded gear you will need to complete your mission. You will be challenged by events that force you to balance risk with reward to make choices that will allow you to complete your mission in the allotted time. This go around we'll be testing some new iterations on character alignment and how it affects game play.

She is planning to run a couple of sessions during the day, so check out the Game Designer's Corner for more details on all of the playtests and demos happening at PGX!

We are excited to have Lorne Kletke from Chinook Games coming from Winnipeg with his new design Borders of Kanta, which will be on Kickstarter at the beginning of November. Lorne will run sessions all day in the Game Designer's Corner. Here's the info about Borders of Kanta:

Ages 14+   15-20 minutes/player   2-6 players
Each player leads a clan regaining its wealth after a plague closed all borders across the realm, and cut the clans off from the states they controlled. Every player gets a set of six-sided tiles picturing the leader they chose. Each tile represents a group of six clan members. These members are assigned one to each tile side, and each speak one of three languages. Tiles must be placed next to at least one other tile on the board, and must speak a common language at all shared borders. Wealth is built by competing or collaborating to form rings of occupied states that become trading centres and earn gold for participating clans. Players can earn resources that hold value at the end of the game, or that can be played for advantage. Each clan has its unique abilities as well.

Check out for more info, and the Game Designer's Corner for times to play during the day!

SaskGames Event - ChewsDay Challenge - Regina / Re: Game Requests: Fall 2018
« on: September 16, 2018, 07:57:47 PM »
This is a great idea - thanks for putting it together, Derek!

I can bring out Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu whenever. Shoot me a message and we can set something up.

I also have Manhattan Project 2 but haven't had a chance to learn or play it yet. If someone else is familiar with the game and is willing to teach, I can definitely bring it out. I can also read up on it and teach it if you're okay with it being a first play through and a bit of a test run.

A few games I would love to try:
- Champions of Midgard
- The Networks
- Memoir 44
- Shadows over Camelot

How about a quid pro quo? We do Cthulhu and MP2 one night, and The Networks another (I have been meaning to bring it out). Deal?

Archive of Regina Game Forge / Game Designer's Corner at PGX
« on: September 15, 2018, 10:19:50 AM »
We have three designers coming to PGX. Check out the PGX event page for details!

Archive of Regina Game Forge / Ignite! Expo at Saskatchewan Science Centre
« on: September 15, 2018, 10:17:57 AM »
For the third year in a row, local game designers from the Regina Game Forge will be at the Saskatchewan Science Centre on Saturday, October 6 for the Ignite! Expo. We'll be showing off some of our games from noon to 5 along with a number of other really great exhibitors, so plan to stop off at the Science Centre on Thanksgiving weekend!

Our next meeting and time to share our designs and catch up will be at Boards N' Beans on Monday, September 24 at 7:30 pm. Bring your games with you and show off what you've been working on. New designers are more than welcome to join us; feel free to let us know you're coming ahead of time.

Confirming for Rajas. Also:

GAME: Century: Eastern Wonders
TEACHER: lifeofturner
DURATION: 60 mins.

Please add Lori, Brad B., and Dana T.

SaskGames Event - ChewsDay Challenge - Regina / Re: Game Requests: Fall 2018
« on: September 14, 2018, 12:11:51 AM »
Requests met:
Memoir '44 (sna17)
Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu (lifeofturner)

SaskGames Event - ChewsDay Challenge - Regina / Re: Game Requests: Fall 2018
« on: September 14, 2018, 12:08:51 AM »
This page is for game requests at Chewsday Challenge for Fall 2018. If any of you are like me, your priority list changes every few months, and so I think it's good to have a new post for each few months (my suggestions are Winter, Spring/Summer, and Fall in a given year).

The main post will consist of a list of games and the person making the request; once a game is played, the requester can confirm that it can be removed from the post - or at least that their name can be removed, although if other players still want it to be played again, it may either stay on or be re-added to the list.

I will do my best to keep the main post updated as new posts are made on the page as games are added and played. And it may be wise to keep it to your top 10 or so games to make the overall list somewhat manageable. Feel free to make any arrangements to play either in this post or by PM with various players.

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