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Title: Demonstration Game / Team Event - August Attack: August 11th 2018
Post by: Lance on May 14, 2018, 03:57:22 PM
August Attack - Total War -Team Game!
Location of Event: Royal Canadian Lumsden Legion 50 3rd Avenue, Lumsden, SK, S0G 3C0
Date/Start Time: August 11th  2018 / 1111 am - set up @ 1030am
Game Era: World War Three / Team Yankee
Event Info: 100 points; e-mail lists prior to August 1st get 20 bonus points
Event Type: *note for lists submitted after August 2nd deduct 20 points
Description: Total War FoW and table set up from Normandy Battles
Description: NATO Formations will begin the game with reserves
Description: NATO Formations will have the Air Support Special Rules
Description: Warsaw Pact will begin the game with no reserves
Description: Warsaw Pact will have the Combined Arms Special Rules