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Flames of War Demo – Fourth Version – Late War!
« on: May 17, 2017, 01:28:10 PM »
Flames of War Demo – Fourth Version – Late War!
May 13th, 2017
By Lance Mathew

So, I threw down the gauntlet the other day and challenged the Flames of War gaming group! V4 (Version Four) is still new and quite a few of the guys are still skeptical. I had quite a few replies – especially from those that had been skeptics that they were busy on the Ides of May. I heard all sorts of excuses from eye surgery, to I am out of town at a National Gymnastics meet – you know the usual. Moreover, I had a few interested and one confirmed challenger – Matt. During the course of the day we had quite a few ‘interruptions’ of people interested in the game. Maybe, I will have to start doing more demos on Saturdays…

Meanwhile, Matt and I faced off. He had brought Late WWII Canadians from Road to Rome however; I was unfazed as I had brought Late WWII Canadians from Market Garden! So, literally and figuratively we were doing a training mission. In V4 there is only one dice roll by one player to determine the mission – Matt rolled it up as Counter Attack! Then, Matt and I rolled off to be the attacker as both of us had equal infantry amounts. After several ties I emerged as the attacker; I was actually hoping to be the defender with a platoon of six 6 pounders I wanted to put into ambush. Alas, I instead watched Matt put his two 17 pounders into ambush. Matt as the defender with reserves was able to put 60% of his force on the table against my 100% (well almost – later I realized to my horror I had left my M10Cs at home; what’s 20%?).

Matt deployed two units of 25 pounders, two units of infantry, and one unit of 17 pounders which he kept in ambush; everything else was in placed in reserve. Almost all in, I had my Infantry buttoned up in my Kangaroos, my Sherman Crabs ready to walk sideways, my land mattresses ready to cloud the issue, and my six 6 pounders protecting my artillery. As the attacker I dashed both my Roo’d infantry towards the far objective, and blitzed my Breaching group around a hill to semi-indirect at the spotter before moving up next turn (as well as possibly flush the ambush). Matt rolled his tank troop on with a blitz and brewed up one of my Kangaroos, Matt also took the bait and blasted into my Crabs brewing one up and bailing another with his ambush.

The game went back and forth and by the end I had secured the far objective but at a lengthy time frame of which a normal tournament game would have given the win to Matt. So, it was a great game in which I was able to see how great an artist Matt was with his bombshells on the nose of his Spitfires as well as letting us see how the V4 game has evolved from V3. Thanks Matt – I had a great game!

If you would like a demo game or to challenge -> please e-mail
I am willing to play any era – just name a time and place!


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