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Offline Lareina

This thread is for sign up, general discussion, setting up matches between players, roster, month rivals, and current month results.
League Rules, and archived results can be found HERE

Month 1: January 15th - February 14th
Month 2: February 15th - March 14th
Month 3: March 15th - April 30th
Top 8 Tournament: TBD May

When signing up, please let me know your actual name, how you would like to be contacted, and what army you will be using

Roster as of February 1st
Maeson L (Prince of Arnheim) - Thousand Sons
Lareina C (Lareina) - Orks
Kyle U (Kyle or - Salamanders
Casey S (Casey) - Tyranids
Mark R (TalonIX or or 306 535 0096) - Grey Knights
Mike R (Ruadhain or 306 501 2635) - Salamanders
Colin L (ColinL. or 306 529 4647) - Necrons
David J ( or 306 591 2348) - Death Guard
Mark D (Malachi or - Space Wolves
Chris S (, or bug Lareina) - Eldar
Adam S (Evrazdrone) - Tyranids
Matthew L ( or 306 533 1073) - Dark Angels
Brady M (bamaczek or - T'au
Anthony R (Anthony Richardson or 306 526 9456) - Orks
Riel C ( - Thousand Sons
Drake C (DrakeC or 306 540 9790) - Adeptus Ministorum
Wade D ( - Death Guard
Chris G (MrGiggles) - Orks
Erick B (text 306-551-4886) - Astra Millitarium
Eddie F ( - Chaos Space Marines

Rivals Month 2
Kyle U vs Wade D
Maeson L vs Chris S
Mike R vs Anthony R
Casey S vs Eddie F
Mark R vs Lareina C
Adam S vs Riel C
Brady M vs Erick B
Chris G vs Colin L
Matthew L vs David J
Drake C vs Mark D

Specter of Deaths for Month 1 (gain +1 point for defeating one in Month 2):
Casey S
Chris G
Drake C

Top 8
Kyle U - 49
Casey S - 41
Mike R - 40
Anthony R - 37
Mark R - 37
Maeson L - 37
Chris G - 29

Drake C - 24
Colin L - 24
David J - 24

Please use this template when reporting:
Date: Player 1 (painted?) vs Player 2 (painted?) - player x victory/draw (at store?)
-> Example: December 6th: Chad vs Lareina (painted) - Chad victory (at store)
Bonus brownie points if you do the players by alphabetical order (first name then last name) (you will not receive any actual league bonus points for doing it in alphabetical order, you'll just make my life easier)

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Results as of February 24th

Month 1 Matches

Feb 15: Matthew L vs Mike R (painted) - Matthew L victory (at store)
Feb 15: Adam S (painted) vs Matthew L - Adam S victory (at store)
Feb 15: Casey (painted) vs Mark R (painted) - Mark R victory (Kingslayer)
Feb 16: Casey S (painted) vs Kyle U (painted) - Kyle U victory (kingslayer)
Feb 17: Kyle U (painted) vs Matthew L - Matthew L victory (at store)
Feb 18: Casey S (painted) VS Mike R (painted) - Casey S victory
Feb 18: Drake C (painted) VS Mike R (painted) - draw (at store)
Feb 18: Anthony R (painted) vs Kyle U (painted) - draw
Feb 18: Drake C (painted) vs Matthew L - Drake C victory (at store)
Feb 20: Colin L vs Mike R (painted) - Colin L victory
Feb 21: Kyle U (painted) vs Mike R (painted) - Kyle U victory (at store)
Feb 22: David J (painted) vs Matthew L - David J victory (at store, rivals)
Feb 22: Anthony R (painted) vs Mike R (painted) - Anthony R victory (at store, rivals)
Feb 22: David J (painted) vs Mark D (painted) - Mark D victory (at store)
Feb 23: David J (painted) vs Riel C- David J victory (at store)
Feb 24: Brady M vs Dave J (painted) - Dave J victory
Feb 24: Dave J (painted) vs Kyle U (painted) - Dave J victory
Feb 24: Brady M vs Mark R (painted) - Mark R victory
Feb 24: Kyle U (painted) vs Mark R (painted) - Mark R victory
Feb 24: Adam S (painted) vs Chris S - Adam S victory
Feb 24: Chris G (painted) vs Mark D (painted) - draw
Feb 24: Chris G (painted) vs Lareina C - Chris G victory
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Offline Lareina

I'm in, but I'm between Tau and Orks... I really need to get my butt in gear and put together my Tau, so I just might make this that excuse I need

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The Salamanders will fight for the Emperor and Vulcan!

Kyle Ulrich.  I can be contacted by PM here or at  Looking forward to seeing everyone on the battlefield.

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Please sign me up for Tyranids, my bugs are hungry nom nom

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Mark Rumancik (Grey Knights) - can be reached with a PM here, at or my cell 306 535 0096

The Grey Knights will kill everything that isn't a Grey Knight!

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Mike Ruane  you can pm me here or text me at (306) 501-2635 and I'll be playing salamanders.

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Necrons :(
PM here or (306)529-4647 is my cell

We have Scarab cookies? They are jelly filled!

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David James - can be reached at or via cell 306-591-2348

Death Guard will gift all with glorious rot and plague!

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Might as well toss my metaphorical hat in - I'll play Space Wolves.

PM here or email


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