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I added some Knizia games to the schedule: Modern Art, Samurai and Ingenious.  The expectation is the same 4 people will play all 3 games.  Should take about 3 hours from start to finish.

I was really hoping you were going to put up Great Western Trail :)

(I'm sure you could persuade Lori to part with her copy if you want to do that final playthrough you talked about on the show last week, or you could probably talk Lori or me into joining along, since we've played the game before.)

(As a total aside, we had an interesting experience recently where I hated Praetor on the first play but really liked it on the second play, two years later, so a good topic for your show might be revisiting old games that you didn't like, or talking about experiences where you had a game you thought you didn't like turn into a game you actually did.)

I've been to a few PGX's in the past, but was always too shy/nervous to get too involved.  That is also what has kept me from attending Tuesday events. I hope to come out to one at some point, but it still seems very intimidating.  (I'm also booked up on Tuesday with a class now until the end of March).  I will work hard to overcome my fear/intimidation and make it out to some more events I am sure.

Don't be shy - if you look lost when you come, our evening's ambassador will come talk to you and help you find a game, or you can sign up for one in advance.  We're very welcoming to new people :)

If you intend to come, you could always post in a thread and give us a sense of what kind of game you're comfortable with, and we can help find you a good match.

Chad's not on, but Brad is.

I've been a guest on that show, but never to do anything as fun as talking about board games :)

Zeker is rescheduling his game, so please sign me up for 1830.

Thanks Cory and Darrin!

Darrin and Cory,

I've double booked myself for this night - I can still run the game but it would have to be at 8:30.  (I might be ready as soon as 8 but it's a little in question.)

Does it bother you if I reschedule Chicago Express until 8:00?  Please confirm.  I'd like to keep you in the game :)


GAME: Chicago Express
DURATION: 90 minutes
URL: Chicago Express

What, Jim's teaching games in three consecutive weeks?  Is the world upside down?

I really like economic games, and this is a good one I got after a screaming sale on ($19!) and a recommendation from the #boardgames chat channel on IRC (Freenode server).  It's a stock-based railroad game, like 1830, but with a much shorter play time and gentler learning curve.  Build rail networks across the eastern US from the east coast toward Chicago.  Chicago has special value if someone can build into there, but there are only so many routes and you only have so much track-laying capacity.  The more money companies raise through stock auctions, the more money they'll have for track development.  Whatever player has the most money at the end of the game wins.

Play time is about an hour or so, but we'll budget 90 minutes so we have lots of time for teaching.

The game can take up to six but I'd like to have a table of 4 or 5 to keep the play time reasonable and keep the game at what seems to be its best count.

[GAME: Batavia
DURATION: 90 minutes
URL: Batavia

Time to dig out another game from the shelf of unplayed gems!

Batavia is the colonial name for Jakarta, Indonesia - and this game is set in the colonial times of trading and settlement.  You'll play a merchant buying trade goods from the East India Company's various trading posts throughout Indonesia.  Win the rights to trade with the various East India companies via auction, and secure the most lucrative trade goods.  (Even if you lose the auction, you'll share in the proceeds, to help you later.)

Play time is 45-60 minutes plus teaching - I'll budget 90 minutes so we're not rushed.  If we finish early I'll have some fun short game to fill the 90 minutes.  (Perhaps Tsuro?)

GAME: Dakota
DURATION: 2 hours
URL: Dakota

I picked up this game a few months ago because it looked really interesting, and was at a good price.  Time to break it out!

It's the conquest of the Dakota territory.  You'll play one of two factions: the First Nations that were there pre-contact, and the American settlers coming from the east.  Each faction has things the other needs, but there is a tension: the settlers want to develop infrastructure, and the existing tribes want to preserve their balance with nature.  You'll also have asymmetrical needs of natural resources.

The most interesting part of the game is that each player can decide his or her own faction at the beginning of the game.  At least one player needs to play each faction, but aside from that restriction, any number can play either side.

This game intrigues me a bit and I'll be glad to finally get this to the table!

We need a minimum of 3 players, and it plays best with 4-5 so I'm happy to run a full table.

Playtime without teaching is 60-90 minutes so if we finish earlier than I think, I'll bring Coup to fill the time - a fun bluffing / social deduction game.

Archive of Adult Science Night / Re: Adult Science Night Dec 14
« on: December 08, 2017, 05:36:17 PM »
Just so you are all aware the next ASN is still happening but they don't need SaskGames to be there.

Is that a one-time thing, or is that going forward?

What about Jennifer?  What does she need to get a name tag.

If she's attended Chewsday Challenge ten times (and signed each time), and has a forum name, she should be eligible already.  If not, whenever she gets to ten visits.  (Lori can probably tell you how many visits she has, if you're not sure.)

Role Playing Games / Re: Looking for DnD group in Regina
« on: December 06, 2017, 12:27:34 AM »
What edition of D&D are you wanting to play?

Jim's hardly a newbie. He should be fine.

:)  You can confirm me.  It's definitely time I played an 18XX.

I actually own 1830 plus 1856.  The latter is the Upper Canada one.  I found it at 50% off retail at a game store in suburban Chicago and had to liberate it to its homeland (even if I am pretty far from Ontario).

I've posted it on the 19th, and listed both of you since you've confirmed here.  See you then!

GAME: Leaving Earth
DURATION: 4 hours
URL: Leaving Earth

Ever wanted to go to space?  This is the next best thing.  Develop your own space program, and beat your fellow players' nations attaining significant gains in space travel.

This is a very mathy game but does a great job of capturing the feel of space travel.

Please add Matt Robertson and craftybernardo to the players' list.  We have room for one more.

Note that this game tends to run pretty long, especially when players are learning, so I have budgeted it for four hours, but it could be plus or minus a half hour or more from this.

I could teach Leaving Earth but I don't have much available gaming time until December.  If it's still on your radar then, Matt, let me know.

Still on my radar Jim. Should we set up a date? How about December 12th?

19th OK?  I'll need a couple of spare hours to remind myself how to play :) ... my last final exam is the 11th.  I can have it marked and done, and get studying Leaving Earth that weekend.


18 Corrected link for CTV - the first one is for the current day's broadcast, but they did our story on Saturday.

Nothing in today's Leader-Post (I read our copy at work)... sigh.

Everything Else / Anyone want to see the Roughriders tonight (Oct. 13)?
« on: October 13, 2017, 01:29:54 PM »
Lori's sick... but I still want to go.  Ticket's on us.

Interested?  PM me here ASAP.  (Or text, if you know my number.)  The game's at 8.

We're in section 111 row 22 - good seats toward the Pil Country end, in the lower bowl.

I would love to be a third on this as well  :8)

I think that can be arranged :)

I'll probably bring it to a Chewsday Challenge once I'm done my Tuesday teaching (i.e. December).  I'll check with you then.

I could teach Leaving Earth but I don't have much available gaming time until December.  If it's still on your radar then, Matt, let me know.

Game Store - Tramps - Regina / Re: Tramps is out of business.
« on: September 07, 2017, 02:49:20 PM »
Do we know what happened with any left over stock?

I heard that they sold all their board game stock to one of their creditors for liquidation.  I'm not sure who that creditor is, or how they plan to dispose of the games.

Game Store - Tramps - Regina / Tramps is out of business.
« on: September 07, 2017, 10:16:10 AM »
I'm sure most of you know this, but for the benefit of anyone who isn't in the know, Tramps permanently closed on August 31, 2017 due to insolvency.

GAME: Can't Stop
DURATION: 30 minutes

Turns out I don't start teaching until Wednesday, so I get one more Chewsday Challenge before December!

Since Lori's busy and we don't have a Learn to Play event, I'll bring Can't Stop as a Learn to Play game.  This Sid Sackson classic from 1980 is super easy to learn but has a lot of strategy.  It's a classic push-your-luck game where you roll four dice, trying to advance your pawns up three columns.  Of course, there are complications:  the easy-to-roll columns need a lot of die rolls to get to the end, and you can only move up three columns in a given turn.  This game will be appreciated both by experiended board gamers and newcomers alike.

I'll have time to run 2-3 iterations of this game before my 8:00 game.

I'm pretty confident. With several games under my belt now, it is usually finishing within 90 minutes. I out it at 7, but I may be there earlier and if everyone gets to the table earlier, we could start a before 7 as well.

Thanks Brad.  If we could start a little earlier, that would be great.  :)  (Hopefully everyone is there before 7.)

Please add me to Raxxon.


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